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  1. Leicester has had no rain for 59 days in a row, a storm would be like winning the lottery right now, but sadly like 95% of the time when rain/storm is predicted it just remains dry here. We get a lot of near misses over the years e.g. cells showing up in london but never making it this far north, cells from the west can make it to derby which isnt that far from here but not quite to Leicester. Just had a peek outside where I am facing west. Is dark clouds to the west moving from south to north, directly above me is mostly blue sky but with scattered broken up tiny dark clouds. Even the clouds to the west look weak like they a fraction of what they probably were further south, at a guess I would say they about 20-30 miles to the west.
  2. We had it about 5 or so years back, apparently the azure high that year was very close to the UK. But yeah you not far from me and the weather has been crazy hot and dry. In the past people have claimed the reason hot weather is not nice in the UK is because of high humidity yet apparently we have low humidity now yet it feels horrible.
  3. This weather is incredibly uncomfortable. No wind or even a breeze for over a week. Never mind rain. Temperature in my bedroom of 30C at 4am, outside my front door 25C at 4am. In my room at 4pm 34C, outside front door 31C 4pm. As usual weather reports reporting temps way down on actual temps. Very sticky, covered in sweat 24/7. I really hate summer when its like this. Seems the jetstream is 100s of miles above scotland.
  4. no storm here, but raining for lot of the day, only light but still pleasant. Very rare for us in Leics to have rain like this.
  5. I went bed after my last post, I assume no storm reached here as is bone dry outside, but is cloudy and air is fresher today. So I am grateful for that at least. Is it still hot enough for further storms?
  6. the ones in wales and cornwall are more likely to reach me than the south coast, there is far too much eastward momentum
  7. that first storm is teasing me, so below leics it sharply moved east, and now its moving north again as if it deliberately wanted to avoid me.
  8. heaven in bournemouth, lightning hasnt stopped since opened web cam
  9. first bournemouth pier cam now seems to be showing a daytime recording O_o
  10. This reminds me of watching brighton webcams the last few months, its like two different countries. Brighton lots of rain, wind and even fog. Whilst I have only ever seen fog in leicester in dec or january and rain and wind is so rare here. Its amazing how such a small island can have such variable conditions in different parts of it.
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