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  1. Things finally back to similar temps end of July. Room temp 27.1C outside temp 26.5C When I woke up and before shutting window Room temp 26.5C outside temp 26.2C
  2. Leicester usually has the SE weather, we usually at the top part of that area, and get extremely different weather to west midlands, even to Derby. We had 34-35C in the heatwave same as London. It was predicted it was to go down from 34C to 25C in 3 days, instead its gone down from about 34C to about 31C.
  3. fan back on with sweat dripping., became unbearable again 😞 the heatwave is still 80% here, I guess the cold air didnt come down as predicted? room temp 29.7 outside temp 32.8
  4. Update from Leicester. Yesterday stayed at night time temps until about 4pm, then the sun broke through the clouds, and within a 30 minute period temps went up by 3C, so was quite rapid. By the time the sun went down it was only 0.5C cooler than the heatwave temps. 30.2C in my room and 33.4C outside at 8pm. However after the sun went down, the temps went down quite quickly to about 28.1C in my room at midnight (which in the heatwave it didnt get that low until about 5am) When I woke up with room window open all night room temp was at 26.4C and it felt much better. at
  5. Friday I cannot wait, predicted temps back to something tolerable. 🙂 Still clear skies here 33.3 in room, 34.6 outside door.
  6. I opened door to see what would happen, its 30.4C indoors, and the air outside feels warmer, not even a breeze either, some patches of cloud but nothing else. 😞
  7. Really hellish here in Leicester, constant heat sleeping on pool of sweat, I see predicted relief for London tonight, but not for us. Even with some cloud cover yesterday it remained brutally hot. Today not a cloud in sight, no wind or even a breeze probably for a week. However I discovered a nice trick, if I run my cold shower at a certain angle in my bathroom it creates a cool breeze back to me, when standing in proximity. I expect when storms finally do come it will be usual, where I can see clouds in the west, Coventry and Derby get them, but Leicester nothing.
  8. Leicester has had no rain for 59 days in a row, a storm would be like winning the lottery right now, but sadly like 95% of the time when rain/storm is predicted it just remains dry here. We get a lot of near misses over the years e.g. cells showing up in london but never making it this far north, cells from the west can make it to derby which isnt that far from here but not quite to Leicester. Just had a peek outside where I am facing west. Is dark clouds to the west moving from south to north, directly above me is mostly blue sky but with scattered broken up tiny dark clouds. E
  9. We had it about 5 or so years back, apparently the azure high that year was very close to the UK. But yeah you not far from me and the weather has been crazy hot and dry. In the past people have claimed the reason hot weather is not nice in the UK is because of high humidity yet apparently we have low humidity now yet it feels horrible.
  10. This weather is incredibly uncomfortable. No wind or even a breeze for over a week. Never mind rain. Temperature in my bedroom of 30C at 4am, outside my front door 25C at 4am. In my room at 4pm 34C, outside front door 31C 4pm. As usual weather reports reporting temps way down on actual temps. Very sticky, covered in sweat 24/7. I really hate summer when its like this. Seems the jetstream is 100s of miles above scotland.
  11. no storm here, but raining for lot of the day, only light but still pleasant. Very rare for us in Leics to have rain like this.
  12. I went bed after my last post, I assume no storm reached here as is bone dry outside, but is cloudy and air is fresher today. So I am grateful for that at least. Is it still hot enough for further storms?
  13. the ones in wales and cornwall are more likely to reach me than the south coast, there is far too much eastward momentum
  14. that first storm is teasing me, so below leics it sharply moved east, and now its moving north again as if it deliberately wanted to avoid me.
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