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  1. Seems to me as all this fun may be off the cards here in NW London unless I am mistaken? ?
  2. Think I can hear that from here! Needs to move just a little West, but we know it won't lol
  3. Had some lovely rain and thunder here in Harefield. Photo of it approaching while sitting enjoying a beverage at my local!
  4. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-07-27 beautiful! i'm slap on the edge of amber/severe, not expecting anything but still hopeful!
  5. Not feeling too confident about getting anything here but I am hopeful. BBC has storms this evening, all day tomorrow. MetO has nothing of the sort, Heathrow/Northolt both reckon chance of storms tonight. We'll see!!
  6. MetO had the lightning symbols up for my area yesterday (Northolt) not so much now, however EGLL/EGWU TAF both going for 30% chance of storm here today. What's the consensus for London/ the SE today?
  7. I'm now in Weymouth for holidays it's at least 25c here and little clouds bubbling up. MetO going for storm at 1500 well we will see...
  8. Wonder if my corner of London will be in for another round tonight. Stuff formed just to my east earlier before moving north that was giving some good rumbles
  9. Last night was amazing, easily the best storm I've seen in over a decade. So much lightning, rain, thunder, hail... the whole lot!
  10. I meant festering. Stupid autocorrect. It's just gone a little quiet. AHH I see what's happening there it's going maaaaaad
  11. So the original storm that passed over London is now on the other side of me but what a show it was brilliant! As above eyes on what's coming next...
  12. I can see what's going on over London from here in Harefield and it looks LIIIT! BRING IT ON
  13. Skies look interesting here, things bubbling up and a little bit of instability so lets see what happens
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