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  1. Given what I can see coming our way on the rain radar I suggest so. Mate in Cheshunt said it's mental up there
  2. Niiiiice! Only 4 pubs here now the others are all gone or flats these days! Usually if storms get going down here in the SE we do get a taste of it, most of the really good storms have come through here in recent years The Heathrow cell has gone quiet now and is currently moving off over Watford as a big rainy cloud Remains to be seen if we get anything else down here tonight
  3. Hah I'm too young for that but I remember a few proper humdingers in the 90s when I was growing up. All night jobs! Used to be scared of it. This one is pretty beasty so far
  4. Pretty sure that the Heathrow one just delivered a +CG it just lit up the living room, serious delay and sounded louder than anything I've ever heard before
  5. Cell over Heathrow / Hillingdon is well alive now with quite frequent thunder 31.5c 41%
  6. Hanging in there myself mate!! Watched those Beds cells go up and away from my house... Naff all to the south!!
  7. Seems to me as all this fun may be off the cards here in NW London unless I am mistaken? ?
  8. Think I can hear that from here! Needs to move just a little West, but we know it won't lol
  9. Had some lovely rain and thunder here in Harefield. Photo of it approaching while sitting enjoying a beverage at my local!
  10. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-07-27 beautiful! i'm slap on the edge of amber/severe, not expecting anything but still hopeful!
  11. Not feeling too confident about getting anything here but I am hopeful. BBC has storms this evening, all day tomorrow. MetO has nothing of the sort, Heathrow/Northolt both reckon chance of storms tonight. We'll see!!
  12. MetO had the lightning symbols up for my area yesterday (Northolt) not so much now, however EGLL/EGWU TAF both going for 30% chance of storm here today. What's the consensus for London/ the SE today?
  13. I'm now in Weymouth for holidays it's at least 25c here and little clouds bubbling up. MetO going for storm at 1500 well we will see...
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