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  1. I'm sorry that the weather and it's forecasters haven't delivered to some of your expecttions. For me, who has been the victim of a flash flood from a single convective cell that destroyed my life and home in 45 minutes some 11 years ago, I'm glad that the kids had their play day today in the park where I now live without incident.
  2. We were all set to receive that cell here in Gurney, and I could see from the lightning it was approaching ....but looks like it suddenly died at Warminster in the last 10 mins. RIP.
  3. Can see lighting in the distance from the storm currently passing through Salisbury....if it keeps up electrificaton/direction then we could be in for a treat here.
  4. Wow - here we go - trees and shrubs being blown all over the place. Rain starting with a vengeance. Sky very dark - but we are on the periphery of the electrical activity me thinks as no visible lightning yest and thunder clearly some miles away although frequent.
  5. Very distant thunder rumblings currently heard from Farrington Gurney BS39......looking at the radar we could be "in the gap" between cells. Can see distant towers but being covered by lower cloud over me. Wind springing up. 7 day forecast for my postcode shows torrential rain in the early hours tomorrow but no electrification. Time will tell. Edit: thunder now getting closer!
  6. Nw confirmed from elderly parents in BA2 (eastwards of here) - storm went overhead.
  7. Farrington Gurney Bs39 currently having a strobe light show with thunder...but not directly overhead. Suggest it is eastwards of here and we are on the cusp......alebit we have a shedload of rain too! Enjoy all that find themselves in its path. xxx
  8. Agree Jax...some near neighbour set off a load of whizz-bangs tonight......this makes the third "back-garden event" over the last 7 days. Luckily the piggies are indoors unperturbed......and it's only yours truly hiding under the duvet Thankfully we survived the rain last night having been put on flood alert AGAIN at 8.30pm (but I only found that out this morning when I checked my mobile for messages!)
  9. Piggies are all (now) OK thanks everyone. (Last passing was Sambuca in July but still have 14!) Poorly piggie = intensive syringe feeding every 3 hours....plus multiple meds...luckily we caught things early enough last week and were successful in our supportive care of Sammy guinea pig (even if it meant a night on the floor for me whist the flood warning was in place)! I've been a tad busy recently as my County Council (in their new role as Local Lead Flood Authority) have prioritised my village for a Surface Water Flood Risk Management Plan....Finally we have an opportunity to rectify the surface water and (combined) sewage drainage issues that have blighted our village for the last 20+ years....(and kept me awake for most of last Xmas!!) Everything comes to he who waits! (but it's been a bloomin' long time!)
  10. Hi Jax Hope you;/re OK...do you still have a bird in the hand? Got a bit hairy here last sunday with sick piggies, emergency vet visit and flood warning ...but we all survived! Temps have plummeted this week so time to wrap up warm! Your furry nieces and nephews are sending you wheeks! xxx
  11. Crowborough Beacon Golf Club (on the balcony - can sometimes see right down to the sea) Top of the Ashdown Forest B2026xx Edit: snap!
  12. BLEEAARRGH to today's weather in SussexThankfully no "flash flood" rains here to dateGuinea piggies are happily dancing on their pawsxxxx
  13. Thanx as ever Mr PLooks like my British Gas Engineer will have to work inside the house tomorrowxxxx
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