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  1. Taken from Batley tooking towards the Bradford cell earlier. Looks like there was also a bit of Lenticular cloud
  2. can see small hail on this cam City Airport Webcam Northeast WWW.CITYAIRPORTANDHELIPORT.COM
  3. Does anybody think what I have circled will go the way the arrow is pointing?
  4. This may sound a bit odd and maybe my imagination, but does that storm have a look of a Rampant Rabbit?
  5. Had a beauty here. Not seen lightning or heard thunder like it in a long long while! NEEEED MORE!!!!
  6. Can see lightning on this cam... Portsmouth Harbour http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
  7. Lightening on Brighton cam https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/brighton/brighton-pier.html
  8. Live cam in Helmond, Netherlands. you can scroll back and see the storm and the wind.... with sound too!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UKU1y91LLo
  9. That moment you wake due to a loud noise thinking it's thunder........ then you smell it...........
  10. Million jet packs on the west coast........ won't come to us, we'll go to it haha
  11. accuweather has this for my area at 1pm this afternoon......... Am i just clutching at straws now?
  12. It's like losing the final round on Bullseye......... "Lets see what you could have won"
  13. I think we must of all done something real bad in a previous life to tease us like this
  14. Just been to Asda to get a few beers and smokes, car say 22.5c and feels muggy as hell! Can especially feel it walking out of the nice cool supermarket, man it hits ya!
  15. I'm just in Dewsbury and the rain is just steady here, but constant rolling thunder
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