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  1. Out working and seen some distant flashes of Lightning over towards Lanark direction just before sunrise..
  2. Heavy snowfall in EK looks the part but just a bit wet to lie but temp around 1c now.
  3. Sure I heard Thunder in EK. Looked outside nothing falling. All the snow now slush and getting icy. Fresh snow would help with the pavements
  4. I’m in EK and no snow here been falling as light rain/sleet past half hour or so.
  5. Showers blowing well inland too this evening with the strong wind.
  6. Weather rubbish again for this week with a stormy low to hit us Tuesday/Wednesday. Looks like September will be rubbish aswell. Not had a good number of dry days at all over the summer. Had 1 week of dry days in May and 2 weeks in April that’s been it.. Said summer 2017 was bad this year can’t be far off matching it. We had a warm July but it was wet..
  7. Thunder in EK now. Brightening up behind it but probably but forecast is more showers.
  8. Looking NE out my window towards North Lanarkshire and can see this huge Cumulonimbus. Went to other side of the house after seeing the photos above and it’s dark skies with the cloud tops towering overhead. Surprised when I seen that.
  9. Last year September was rubbish. August was the same after a great May, June and July last year.. August is never a good month for weather. I do not remember a good proper sunshine and dry spell in August over the years. Apart from 2003 and a few years throughout the 90s August is generally a poor month in Scotland with constant Low Pressure moving through with Frontal Rain or Showers. It is ideal (best) time to jet off the sunshine as it still summer elsewhere. The light nights also gone by August and usually far too many trees turning autumnal some are diseased but others aren’t and it’s due to the poor weather.. Just hope High Pressure can make some impact during September.
  10. Some parts of Glasgow remained dry all day. West of Pollok Park dry all day yet other side of the park you had flooding.. Even smelt BBQs earlier on in SW Glasgow as there was nice evening sunshine and heat with it too.. To be a lot cooler tomorrow and into next week.. I dare say any good temps won’t be returning till next year..
  11. This summer reminds me of 2008 an awful wet summer and a lot of Thundery weather. Also similar to 2004 quite a warm and humid summer but also lot of Thundery weather infact in 2004 you had a storm nearly every week but also some decent weather too so was actually better than this summer..
  12. Looking at out the back window there dark sky now to my South West. Big flash of Lightning and distant Thunder now been heard. This storm appears to pushing nearer to Glasgow area.
  13. I can just make out the anvil of that cloud south of East Kilbride now obscured by lower cloud. It appears to be possibly East Ayrshire where it borders Dumfries & Galloway that area. It could dissipate by the time it gets here..
  14. Can see big storm clouds SE of East Kilbride. Otherwise still sunny evening here and perfect for an outside drink.
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