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  1. Cold Front just went through. A thin band but some quite heavy rain with it. Forecast shows that Front will weaken as it heads south and east brining no rain as it continues over England.. Apart from drizzle at times was a warm day. Not any fresher so far since the front passed through.
  2. Best summers for West Of Scotland were 2003 where I remember Golf Courses come were completely brown by September .. 2005 was a good July followed by a brilliant June/July 2006. I remember the World Cup that year and most days during it were warm and Sunny but a pity August was dull.. From there we only had decent summer weather July 2013 and 2014.. Then 2018 from May into mid July was brilliant then August and September were very poor. But most summers of the 2000s have been poor with many damp and dull with very few warm and sunny spells.. 2004 was very wet but also rather warm. It had good days but that ended into Thundery Spells and these occurred most weeks especially August. It was quite a tropical summer with many warm days but with a good number of Thunderstorms too with many places in Central Belt flooded badly in August. Only proper winters were 2002/03. Lots of Frosts that winter but also dry and that took us into the good spring and summer of 2003.. March 2006 brought the great dumping of snow to Glasgow. 2009/10 was a harsh winter with so many weeks where maximum temps were not above freezing. Only the first half of 2010/11 winter was cold with big snowfall and took till 2018 where we got beast from the East although I would say snowfall late 2010 and in 2009/10 winter was actually worse.
  3. Was hoping to sit out in the sun today but this low cloud simply won’t clear
  4. The storms were part of a Trough last night so the air mass did not change unlike it would do with Frontal rain usually. So that’s why it’s remained hot and humid as there was no fresher air behind the storms.
  5. At Troon beach just now and can see that storm cloud to my south east
  6. Just been woken up by booms of Thunder from cell over North Lanarkshire
  7. Was out back garden there in EK and got distance flash to my south
  8. Rain cleared by 7pm to leave a nice end to the day but rather muggy, damp and plenty of midges about. So Friday short lived affair with it becoming hazy by mid afternoon. Cold Front to pass by evening but could bring cloud with some drizzle or become active will need to see. Poor July so it’s been and don’t think I’ve had anytime sitting outside. It’s not been a wash out but grey, cool with constant weather fronts passing through. Be great if we had a good spell in August where it was decent however I never hold much hope during August as it never delivers here and is more autumnal yet September is usually better.
  9. Got woken up by Torriental rain at 3 o’clock this morning. Only the Met Office had predicted heavy rain 3 and 4am and it was spot on (others said dry). Heaviest rain I’ve had here this summer. Looking at the radar it gained intensity heading south over the Campsies and over Glasgow and Lanarkshire.
  10. Clearing up in EK after a cloudy day. Forecast says dry this evening need to see. Notice to my East perhaps something developing. Could be nearer Edinburgh
  11. So it is was Thunder I heard. I thought it was actually guys loading a van outside at first..
  12. Within 5 minutes a cloud has built up pretty well becoming darker too with other towering cumulus building surrounding it. Need to see if this builds a bit more as it heads northwards over Glasgow and beyond
  13. Yes there was a day last August it was mid to high 20s in Glasgow. The August before that was in 2007 where it got to around 25c the only warm spell that summer. The last good August was 2003 otherwise it’s always a wet month with little in the way of great sunshine or a dry week.. I do remember during the 90s a number of good August’s..
  14. Looking from EK towards Ayrshire quite a big cloud however radar shows its around Kilmarnock area..
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