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  1. Yes few rumbles of thunder think it was just south of here and moving east..
  2. Strange all these reports of traffic problems yet where I was in Glasgow was the complete opposite yesterday .. Heavy wet snow nothing lying yet the traffic was better than usual..
  3. Sorry to say but the snow here has turned to rain just now.. Perhaps that's been our snow a slight dusting
  4. I remember the snow event of March 2006 well.. The forecast the night before mentioned snow but I don't remember major snowfall predicted and I predicted rain or sleet and said to a friend we've seen the last of the snow this winter. It was during the day Saturday the 6th Nations was on from Dublin and was Heavy Rain there. Cloudy in Glasgow but was bitter cold.. I went into the City Centre that night and it was bitter. Only to find around 10:30 the first half hour of very light snow which was lying already on Hope Street. By 2am only buses appeared to run with there destination screens covered in snow and the side destination was how you new the number.. Some depth that night and when I woke up in the morning it was drizzle and snow started to slowly melt..
  5. It's been totally cloudy past few days and drizzly early week.. However it's also been totally calm with no wind.. It did feel much colder today with cloudy skies but nice and calm with a frost developing now.. The Ochils have been very clear from my neck of woods.. Beginning of week totally covered in snow plus the Pentlands were well noticeable with snow on them but Ochils still looking quite close but all snow gone. Decent light past few days helping..
  6. Went to pub at 5pm sun was setting only the slightest sign of the warm front beginning to push in.. Left at 8pm and was surprised the rain had already started. Streets were still icy but was rain falling.. Still raining and will for the next few hours the Warm Front pushing through but soon as it does we have a cold front straight behind. Judging by the temps behind it we're into Returning Polar Maritime Airmass.. Gloomy for next few days but beats the Polar Maritime airflow with heavy shower after shower..
  7. Dry overnight in EK that front just brought some cloud cover and an increase in temp. Was +1c when I left the house but clearer sky's on the way so may see a dip in temp before sunrise..
  8. Yes see these warnings for the midweek we shall see if anything comes by it but they seem confident for snow showers in my area.. First of the heavy showers passing now and there was rumble of Thunder with it too..
  9. Was -5 when I got in at 1am.. Got up late and loads of cirrus about gradually cloud becoming thicker but still a very nice calm afternoon..
  10. Looking at long range forecast over next week or so an Easterly may develop as it mentions showers affecting Eastern Coasts but the usual confidence is low.. Anything beats Polar Maritime air mass downpour after downpour past few days with the strong winds not helping matters blowing these big showers well inland..
  11. Heavy snow shower in Glasgow at 6:30 even blizzard like but too wet nothing lying could be different story in outlying areas..
  12. Yes was driving south of Glasgow at 00:30 and seen distant flashes from that Thundery Shower.. The wind picked back up around that time too quite a bit..
  13. Yes noise from the wind all night bugging me then the Thunder no good for your sleep..
  14. Looks like Xmas will be Polar Maratime airmass.. With a wind will be heavy showers where I am no doubt and no snow.. If it's calm may turn out nice but still to see if any frontal rain will be a feature or not but on the run up looks like a westerly and showers..
  15. Very Icy this morning but was clear and dry through early hours. Loads of big Anvils to the west and south west of Glasgow probably down the Coast. Have seen a car come down possibly from Ayrshire with loads of snow on it..