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  1. Thundery Showers earlier affected the Sky Box in Pub.. Usually the Cup Finals have been sunny days but Thunder heard today inside Hampden..
  2. Some heavy showers have came over Southern Uplands hitting the Central Belt now some bright colours on radar.
  3. As said a number of posts up Ash tree's now budding down here aswell but Mid to Late May is about normal here.. Plane Tree's are also quite late here in budding yet go anywhere in London there usually in full leaf by early April.. Compared to earlier this month I was sweating after cutting both lawns this morning. Go back 3 weeks ago during that high it was a cold Easterly unless you had shelter in the sun.. Saturday Thundery Showers just in time for the cup final. Most years it's usually been ok for the cup final.. I don't remember any complete wash outs on Cup Final day.
  4. Looks to be cloudy Wednesday under Tropical Maritime conditions then winds will change S/SE for Thursday with Tropical Continental air pushing up. Looks like 2 nice days but Saturday could be wet. Forecast for Ireland is Thundery Rain Friday evening this pushing eastwards..
  5. After the rain this evening the cloud cleared and its became completely clear. Just too late for any sunset. Looks like a Friday to be best day here. Seen a forecast for Saturday it says cloudy and apple weather says Rain. A cold front will be out West come weekend so if weak will bring cloud and not amount to much. See how the predictions go later in week.
  6. Torriental rain here but just walked into a pub..
  7. Dark skies now and ready to hit us..
  8. We will make up for the dry spell all this week with a fair number of weather fronts but by end of week looks like Polar Maritime airmass with heavy showers and troughs to pass through..
  9. Been a wet past 12 hours or so. Heavy showers late last night then again this morning then a Squall by the looks of it there with a short torriental downpour. Bits of tree seeds/leave all over the cars now..
  10. Yes few rumbles of thunder think it was just south of here and moving east..
  11. Strange all these reports of traffic problems yet where I was in Glasgow was the complete opposite yesterday .. Heavy wet snow nothing lying yet the traffic was better than usual..
  12. Sorry to say but the snow here has turned to rain just now.. Perhaps that's been our snow a slight dusting
  13. I remember the snow event of March 2006 well.. The forecast the night before mentioned snow but I don't remember major snowfall predicted and I predicted rain or sleet and said to a friend we've seen the last of the snow this winter. It was during the day Saturday the 6th Nations was on from Dublin and was Heavy Rain there. Cloudy in Glasgow but was bitter cold.. I went into the City Centre that night and it was bitter. Only to find around 10:30 the first half hour of very light snow which was lying already on Hope Street. By 2am only buses appeared to run with there destination screens covered in snow and the side destination was how you new the number.. Some depth that night and when I woke up in the morning it was drizzle and snow started to slowly melt..
  14. It's been totally cloudy past few days and drizzly early week.. However it's also been totally calm with no wind.. It did feel much colder today with cloudy skies but nice and calm with a frost developing now.. The Ochils have been very clear from my neck of woods.. Beginning of week totally covered in snow plus the Pentlands were well noticeable with snow on them but Ochils still looking quite close but all snow gone. Decent light past few days helping..
  15. Went to pub at 5pm sun was setting only the slightest sign of the warm front beginning to push in.. Left at 8pm and was surprised the rain had already started. Streets were still icy but was rain falling.. Still raining and will for the next few hours the Warm Front pushing through but soon as it does we have a cold front straight behind. Judging by the temps behind it we're into Returning Polar Maritime Airmass.. Gloomy for next few days but beats the Polar Maritime airflow with heavy shower after shower..