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  1. Be interesting to see how low the temps go on wed night .....possibly -10 here?
  2. I'd be happy with cold and dry if that's what's currently showing.
  3. Bit too far away to take seriously at the mo although one eyebrow raised
  4. No significant snow during the upcoming cold spell until a breakdown heads towards us from the Atlantic....until then some cold dry frosty weather will be most welcome after all the rain tbh.
  5. All down to nowcasting at weekend and into next week snow could crop up anywhere ....radars at the ready!!!
  6. But you must concede to the fact you are talking about day 10 which is very much subject to change?
  7. Fronts moving in off the Atlantic into the cold air......could be very interesting indeed but we shall see.
  8. Reasonably heavy and starting to stick. 20210131_120119.mp4
  9. My wife just rang me and said she's just had six inches!!
  10. Flakes getting bigger but still very light at the mo
  11. Any model which doesn't show the desired outcome is for the bin.
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