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  1. Heavy rain here in barnstaple not complaining as have to go out later. Enjoy the snow if you get it. ?
  2. ? sleet/rain for us in barnstaple... The rest of Devon looks great further east you are the better chance you will get.
  3. I have everything crossed for tonight. As you say we didn't get anything last time. Watching the radar as it went round us was remarkable. I blame it on the snow shield of coddon hill. All eyes back on radar. Good luck.
  4. My question is will the barnstaple snow dome be in place again? Last time we hardly got a covering.. It was embarrassing ?
  5. Its embarrassing how little snow we got today in barnstaple ? it has been great to see all your pics though so thank you very much love em. Someone mentioned seeing little black bits in snow? Can say we have the same. All calm out now temps on the rise and a thaw of the weee bit of snow we got. Enjoy folks & for those who didn't get any i feel your pain. ?
  6. Think hear in north devon looking at radar will prob get side swiped. Sky is getting brighter temps have gone from -2 to 0.2 now. Its more the freezing winds that is a prob. Hubby being sent home from work at south molton think they gunner feel silly. But for the rest of the south west wow its going to be awsome enjoy ❄❄❄❄❄❄
  7. BBC weather are giving us in barnstaple for tomorrow strong winds and light snow. No need to panic bye then. Haha.
  8. Looks like parts of north devon are being down graded back to yellow? Is this because the storm is starting to go in another direction? I am ? ?
  9. Hi, can someone help me, I have looked at numerous radars and satellite pics but I cant see it (Bertha that is) We have had heavy steady rain here since about 16 00 but that is now starting to clear away. I can see a huge batch of cloud out over Ireland but that is heading over into Wales and the North. Is that Bertha? The only thing I can think off is that you are expecting it to start wrapping around anti clockwise hence bringing in strong winds? The low up over Scotland looked better than this one does or am i looking in the wrong place? Any info would be great. Kaz
  10. very cloudy, sun has tried to pop out a few times. Not as humid and hot like i thought it would be. feels almost fresh in the breeze. Not expecting any storms for me over the next few days. Think they have an aversion to my area. If I was able this weekend would be great for storm chasing. kaz
  11. hi please tell me the worst of the winds have now past my area north devon, we have been battered all day, hopping the worst is over. kaz
  12. Bideford bridge closed as lorry has blown over onto 3 cars.. Sun is now starting to show its face but remains very windy. kaz
  13. No its not rings like you mean, this is totally different I managed to post a pic in the gallery its not very good but you might get the gist. kaz xx https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19568-/ it is completely clear inside that ring, it stayed that way for about 2 hours but now just starting to fill in.
  14. kaz


  15. just looked outside up at the moon there is a massive perfect circle of cloud around the moon, I have never seen anything like it and dont know what causes it can anyone else see it its been there for over an hour now. I would post a pic but cant on here. the center is clear. kaz
  16. Its lovely here today nice sunshine little breeze but a much better day than I thought it would be, happy to say all those showers are just missing me. Hope it keeps up. Take care everyone who is affected. My heart goes out to those who have been. kaz x
  17. Thanks for reply, yeah while I waited I had a look, like you say its just coming into Ireland at the moment, pressure still dropping, going to be a rough 24 hours. looks like the rain in my area has just about moved through. Waiting for the showers that are to follow. kaz x
  18. No problems here just rain.. Not really windy just the odd gust. Compared to the other night this is nothing.. Have not had a chance to look yet, but is this the low they have been going on about? Or are the higher winds coming in later? kaz x
  19. Wind is really picking up.. I hate the wind as it is so scarey. So hoping to see some lightning tonight, but i should imagine that the showers will move through very fast in this strong wind. Just looked at the wind map and at the moment gusts are up to 44mph can tell you it feels worse than that.. Bridgwater carnival is fantastic be a really shame if the winds and rain ruin it. All that work they do over the year. Kaz
  20. It was very boring here last night.. Which I am glad about. So not all of the SW was effected. kaz
  21. No problems with the wind last night here.. Just quite a bit of rain. Think we escaped any of the terrible weather. Still a few blustery showers coming through but again this is just a normal Autumn day here. Seeing pictures on the news and FB it looks like another world out there cant believe I'm in the same country. kaz
  22. All gone quiet here now, think are main problem will be flooding. but defo north devon has missed any high winds, just a few high gusts when the heavy rain goes through. I have no idea where the center is as looking at the radar its so hard to pin point it. It cant still be off the Cornwall coast it must have moved up the Bristol Chanel by now? I dunno anyone no? kaz
  23. winds have defiantly picked up here in the last 10mins or so. more gusts than sustained wind. But not as bad as it has been over the last few days. kaz
  24. Still nothing here yet, but you are more exposed over there. rain has eased right off for now. just had a wee check and the wind has picked up just a little. will give it until 2am then sleep kaz cancel that rain is bucketing down again now.
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