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  1. oo that was a nice little T storm.. the rain was more the feature stole the show a tad x

  2. anyone know where nowcast has gone its been down for months now

  3. few flashes of lightning + thunder.. yey about time.

    1. Marcus_surfer


      Glad the SW is getting some storms!

  4. if i dont see a storm soon i am seriously thinking of stiking my finger in a plug socket lmao

    1. Phil UK

      Phil UK

      You could invest in a Van De Graff generator. I might do so myself if this no storm issue carries on! Pfft!!

  5. still cant get NW radar to work properly no zoom grr

  6. hi ya nice to see someone else on here from north devon i live in landkey and have been a member since 2003 when there was only 50 of us .. look how its grown

    lol kaz

  7. kaz

    hi hun hows you? lol kaz

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