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  1. Morning all, Fantabulous start to the day here. Unbroken sunshine since the word go. I've been reliably informed, however, that I'm perilously close to the fog! (It's just two miles away apparently.) Currently slap bang on 13°. All that remains to be done is pray that the models have got their ideas for later this week - and over the weekend - wrong. The idea of all that cold rain, and north-easterlies, in October fills me with no joy whatsoever. Have a great Monday, folks. And for those that haven't got the sun, hope it appears soon. Lee
  2. Afternoon all, And, yep, what a stunner. The pessimist in me feared for the day around 11, when some ominous convective cumulus just developed within minutes, and blocked the sun out for half an hour. But then they moved off, and it has been blue skies and 'nice' cumulus ever since. Made the most of it by planting daffodil bulbs! Good time to do it. Not just because it's a lovely day today, but because the soil is nice and soft after the recent rain. So, anyway, hopefully a blaze of yellow come March. Currently a very respectable 19.6°, with sunshine and a light breeze. And as a few other
  3. You're welcome. Hope it's what you're looking for. (I have a bookmark for a Dutch site which shows an animation of the lightning over the whole of Europe for the last month. Was going to post that too.....except it now gives you "404 Not Found" .) ________________ Bit of a 'no weather' day here too so far. Some brightness first thing, but it was rapidly replaced by the greyness others are reporting. 16°. Yawn...
  4. Ta. Good old Gravesend! (And here, just along the A2, it's currently 19.3°C. So we're not too far behind!)
  5. Never known a club house on a golf course without one! http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/anomacts Select 'lightning strikes' from the 'climate variable' drop-down. That what you mean?
  6. Indeed. And beers in the Big Smoke for me tonight. Will report back on any thunderstorms, tornadoes etc in the capital this evening. (So, yep, that means it's 99.9999% likely I'll have nothing to report back on!)
  7. Just made it to 18.3° here, in a lengthy sunny spell. Clouding over again now....but it's all moving so quickly up there.
  8. Morning folks, As I mentioned last night, we were just a little too far west - yet again! - for the main electrical activity. Nothing beats being right under the cell of course......but being a few miles from the edge does have its benefits. It means we got to see the sky to the south, and then east, being lit up by some incredible lightning. Two or three overhead flashes and booms here in the end, but on nothing like the scale being witnessed 15/20 miles away. East Kent trumps the western half once again! Glad to see a few more commented on how mild it was last night. It was amazing for O
  9. Watching to the east, rather than the south, for all the lightning now. Would say Sittingbourne/Faversham must be under a storm at the moment. Just too far west here....again. But at least I've been seeing and hearing something!
  10. Certainly some closer T&L here now. Nothing major, and far from being right overhead, but better than nothing!
  11. Plenty of lightning now to my south. But too distant for me to hear much thunder. In fact, only one rumble heard so far.
  12. Just seen a very impressive flash of lightning to my south. Must be what's over your part of the county.
  13. Aside from all the storm talk, must just point out it's currently 17° here. Not bad going for past 8 on an October evening, I'd have thought. Anyway, back to radar/strikes watching...
  14. Me too. And Tamara has explained why it's looking as if it could make it to these shores this evening. But I'm still keeping my feet firmly on the ground. Too many let-downs in the past ensure I always do that these days!
  15. Yep. I also couldn't help but notice how the activity has started exploding into life over the Cherbourg peninsula.
  16. Speaking of the evening sky.... I do like where I live, but it's not great for sunsets as I'm in a slight dip, with houses higher up to my west. (And next door's washing line in the way too!) So these are the best I could do. The sky as it currently looks to my WSW. All I can ask myself now is "Will I be seeing lightning there over the next few hours?"
  17. Thank you for that succinct explanation of why the chances are high that the French storms may make it to the SE this evening. Easy to understand for someone like me who has forgotten all the A-level Geography he learnt over 20 years ago.
  18. Sun re-appearing here. In terms or rain.......we had some. In terms of thunder, lightning, tornadoes etc.....nowt, nuffink, rien, nada, niente. Grrr.... Last minute flight to Rome for the trombe d'aria on Saturday instead?!
  19. Yes, just saw that you said your mum saw something out her way too. Maybe things ARE kicking off.
  20. Same out here in Kent. And I've just been thinking similar comparisons to you! It really is a mid-summer convective sky out there at the moment. And just as I type this, the first rain starts falling. Now let's get those strikes to cross the Channel...
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