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  1. Cell in Brittany is heading right for Devon. Might have to open all the windows or set an alarm! Hope it doesn't fizzle out over the channel.
  2. A mate of mine just north of Portsmouth had a router and network card taken out last night...She's a wise woman!
  3. From Estofex: "CAPE locally exceeding 4000 J/kg in northern France according to both models"
  4. Awesome pics! Makes me wish (if only for a split second) I'd stayed in Pompey instead of moving to Devon!
  5. Yep, it's rumbling pretty well down here now. Very distant though. I guess the wind has picked up and is carrying the sound a fair distance.
  6. Lightning maps just dropped a steric about 2 miles away from here. Nothing doing though, so appears to be a few anomalies as suggested a minute ago.
  7. Yep, all those people saying "we're not going to get anything" should be a bit more optimistic! Personally, I'm really looking forward tonight as the charts look really good here from 2100, through the night for the SW. It looks like anwhere in the S, as far E as E.Sussex could get smashed tomorrow morning, along with the C & W.Midlands. The North looks ripe for tomorrow afternoon, before it properly kicks off in the E Friday night. I reckon we're all going to get a juicy, delicious piece of thunder pie EDIT: Saturday looks like carnage everywhere!
  8. These forecasts are so tantalising. Probably Devon's best chance for something spectacular tomorrow night so I'll be watching the radars. Keep it coming!
  9. Heavy rain just kicked off here again. Very dark and I wouldn't be surprised if we get some action...fingers crossed.
  10. Thunder away to my east. First daytime storm we've had here all year. Nothing on the realtime lightning radar, weirdly.
  11. Big flash and a loud, shotgun like bang of thunder. Reckon it was only a few streets away from me and confirmed by blitzortung. Very excited as we've had b#gger all down here all year. Alas, it was only a solitary strike, at the end of a torrential downpour but proves there's potential around.
  12. Well, the sun is out here in S.Devon. We've had a couple of pretty weedy sharp showers but nothing doing. It's not often I wished I still lived in Hampshire!
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