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  1. It's getting going out East. Hopefully you folks in E.Anglia might catch some.
  2. Yep, we've got moderately heavy rain, here in Newton Abbot, just 12 miles SW of Exeter. Looks like Brighton's about to get a good soaking too. Dammit; lightningmaps has just [email protected] out.
  3. I was hopeful of some action today (despite having a flying lesson booked at 1530 that is likely to be cancelled), but the cloud's filled in now and turned the sky milky. Meh; if I have to cancel my flying because of rain, I'd hope there would be some lightning to make up for it! Still, the Netweather and MO forecast are poles apart for this area. Not quite sure which one to believe.
  4. They're not doing much other than ruining my BBQ! Lamb leg is in the oven now...
  5. If it helps, I'm just about to light the BBQ...Should upset the weather gods sufficiently, or at the very least create some very localise convection EDIT: It's just started raining. Bl**dy typical. This rain better have lightning with it!!
  6. Ah c'mon - you guys out east get all the fun! It's been ages since we've had even a sniff of a storm here in S.Devon. I seem to live in a channel where no storms go; they're either East Devon or Plymouth way. Might be to do with Dartmoor I guess.... Anyway, I think it's anyone's guess as to what's actually going to happen. Things are hotting up over in France...
  7. Yeah, looks like Western Cornwall might be about to see some action. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe is lit up like a Christmas Tree! I'm holding a slither of hope that we might just see something down in Devon, for a change, maybe overnight tonight into tomorrow. Time to start scanning the radar and the webcams...
  8. Cell in Brittany is heading right for Devon. Might have to open all the windows or set an alarm! Hope it doesn't fizzle out over the channel.
  9. A mate of mine just north of Portsmouth had a router and network card taken out last night...She's a wise woman!
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