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  1. I tell you what, I will never get my hopes up over a snow event ever again, 2013 I was let down and again with this one, NEVER AGAIN.
  2. Moderate snow in Stockport, just about managing to start covering the ground.
  3. Screwed over again, everything further south this happened in January 2013 didn't it?, anyone north of Buxton I think can forget about it, it's gone.
  4. Oh and all last nights 'snow' (LOL) had all melted by 9am this morning. Total joke.
  5. Game over then. This sodding country is a joke for wintry weather, only Republic of Ireland, Spain and Portugal have it worse or on a par with us. Utter ssshhhiiiieeeate
  6. Just about managing to cover the ground. Taken 2 minutes ago.
  7. First pic of evening moderate snow taken @ 21:30
  8. Not a bad forecast for our region from Schafernacker on News channel
  9. Sodding raining here, the way its going the floor will be too wet for anything to settle
  10. Met office updated the yellow warning area only the far south of the region and the far north east of the region out of it, but then you all already knew that didn't you?
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