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  1. Genuinely the most reliable ‘model’ over the last two weeks. Genuine.
  2. So who cares about the weather?! Yeah, ok, a weather forum I know. That was my last one.
  3. Yeah, but whatever. Fulham won in the last minute. And didn't miss a penalty!
  4. Wet snow. Moderate. Dew points feel too high when you go out. You just know. You know?
  5. Dodgy iPhone app one, MetOff app nil!
  6. Horley's usual contemptible effort. The Arsenal of weather locations.
  7. Well said Tamara. Stick at it. Invariably I've found your broad theme forecasts more accurate than not, especially with respect to patterns, and have managed my own expectations as a result. I'm grateful for your input on here.
  8. If it ain't gonna snow we could really use some rain down here. Not barren, this winter, but with so much HP knocking about through Jan and with projections like this, there could be issues further down the line.
  9. Oh yeah! Time for the tablets...
  10. On the 1-10 scale of non-events, this 'cold' spell will rank top in that non-event list. Never been such a non-event since inauguration of Hilary. And like that non-event this one never even started. Yeah, it's only Thursday. so shoot me.
  11. Yep - through no other than complete anecdotal hunch and years of watching the weather (with a nod towards potential start warming lag), I see the chances of a cold/cool/chilly March and/or April as odds on, just when we (I) want some spring warmth. Bit like October's set-up when I said to my missus (as I'm sure plenty did) 'give us this set-up in Jan and we'd be buried in snow'. Blocks in all the right places at all the wrong time and vice versa.
  12. The old day 9/10 chestnut though, forever on the chase. Cynicism aside, genuine opportunities for something reasonably interesting in the 5 day period. Good agreement, micro features to be resolved in-situ.