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  1. Hey Dipsy. May sound like I’m being a bit childish but it genuinely tends not to snow here! An hour since your post and it’s raining. There must be something intrinsically topographical in this small part of the world that impacts on (almost no) snowfall.
  2. Heavy sleet continues in Horley. Settling snow in Dorking, Chessington, Croydon, Merstham, Brighton. Coulsdon. Go figure. Are we closer to the sun here?!
  3. Should’ve done my research. And Horley kind of chose me.... Heavy sleet here. Intensity not an issue but the usual variables clearly are.
  4. Bit of deja vu from last year GP? Drive the wife nuts. I left the snowfields of Beckenham for this garbage!
  5. Just for the sake of consistency, it’s still p1ssing down with rain in Horley five miles away. Is Horley actually below sea level?!
  6. Crawley was in it last night too, Kold, pretty much. Dire location for snow, along with Horley and Gatwick.
  7. Not here either in Redhill, dude. More white fluff out of a sheep’s bowel movement.
  8. Meagre would be an understatement. And a south of the M4 event, my *rse! Just goes to confirm that by and large for me here on the Surrey/Sussex border, Pm routes to cold are typically garbage unless decent blocking to the North East/East and embedded cold are in situ. All this modified nonsense, flows off the channel, less warm sectors, shearing fronts etc yada yada. No good. Take me back to Feb 86; or Jan 87. Or Feb 91. Or Feb 09. Hell, even March 2018. Give me a bloody easterly!
  9. From the MetO earlier: This Evening and Tonight: Sleet and snow stalling overhead but becoming lighter and more intermittent with time. Southern coastal districts are more likely to see rain or sleet, whereas inland areas may see some snow accumulations. Er.... no. Also ref Bognor seafront. I know forecasting snow is a nightmare, and that plenty in the region have had decent falls (also, the night is young). But this is poor from the MetO, no?
  10. If you do, send some down the M23 to Gatwick. Dewpoints seem to have crept up here too. I’m done. Would be nice to be surprised at 6am but ain’t feeling it (and we need everything to come together down here). The irritating thing is that my morning train will still be cancelled nonetheless due to the dandruff!
  11. Kold, I have about (literally) 5mm of patchy snow. No more. No snowflake bigger than 5p size so far all evening. Radar may look appetising from afar but here in Horley it’s garbage on the ground.
  12. J have one of those symbols over me now in Horley - trust me, it ain’t heavy snow! I think someone may have sneezed and neglected to catch it.
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