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  1. Hi all, The leading edge of the thunder plume has passed overhead in Coventry, now heading over Nuneaton & further on north east. No heavy rain yet, was plenty of lightning, but that has passed. May be more activity from the trailing edge in an hour. Please stay dry everyone.
  2. Not had a drop of rain here in Coventry, so garden pots needed watering this evening. Have seen the thorms to the north & east on radar throughout the day.
  3. Hi all, Just light rain at 13.30 in North Coventry. Current temp is 4c. Wind still from sw.
  4. Thank you, you are brill. Coventry did not have a drop of rain yesterday, the cell to the south of us lost its energy, whilst at the same time we also had a change in ground wind direction from the north. I went outside at mid-night, the ground was bone dry, but the air felt & smelt wet. Again thank you, Sparkiee.
  5. Thank you. So if the trough had passed through, where barometer pressure was low, say 1009 instead if 1024 as it is just now, would that have made a difference? Anyway, at gone 11pm, we have not yet had a drop od rain all day. Good night all & again, thank you Sparkiee.
  6. Hello, Can anyone explain high pressure thunderstorms, please? Most storms occur in times of low pressure where rising air currents add fuel to any rising thermals. Today we have high pressure, where air currents are descending, which tend to kill-off rising thermals. From the radar charts there is quite a display of lightning in many parts of the UK. This is not a joke question as I really cannot get my head around this one. Our weather in Coventry is dull, after a fairly bright morning. Outside shade temp is 24c
  7. Hello, Only a few glimpses of clear sky Sunshine throughout today, cloud broke well a couple of hours ago here in north Coventry, but too late for any penetrating warmth, so much so, that our central heating kicked in at 8.30 this evening, for its last half an hour of water heating, our hall thermostat set at 12.5c. We had drizzle several times earlier in the day. A visit to Fosse Park in Leicester before noon it was totally overcast. Good night all
  8. Very dark here too. Shower cluster fast approaching, generated by the Dassett hills.
  9. Hello. The existing rain showers appear to be travelling from South East to North West, over much of Wales, missing the midlands at present lunch time. I cannot see significant clusters coming from south of the English Channel, so at appears that what thorms we might endure later will be home-grown. Anyone with fresh info on this please. Best wishes Philip
  10. Hi all, By way of a short introduction, although I have been a Net-weather member since 2013, it is time that I said thank you for a fabulous on-line weather service. I assist in the running of a local amateur web-site forum in Coventry UK, (Historic Coventry Forum) for which I have been accessing weather info regularly. I have always been fascinated with the science of weather & although my understanding is very skimpy, it is far less skimpy than it was when I first joined Net-weather. Thank you & best wishes to you all.
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