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  1. Snowing hard here, dogs have loved their 5am play in the garden. log burner lit, cuppa tea made. now to sit back and enjoy the weather have fun all
  2. Amazing hurricane sun here, I can't get a good enough picture to post. Truly magnificent
  3. A few big badabooms here (sorry guys I don't got the technical lingo) still a good way off but by the sounds of it someone's getting quite a treat âš¡ï¸
  4. What a beautiful day, a pleasure to be alive and living in England Spent last two nights on the patio till gone midnight with a glass of wine and a glorious full moon. Have a great day all, Drunk of the beauty of it all x
  5. Hi all, Well I'm very excited... Today is my birthday and I'm hoping for some good storms later
  6. Just had torrential rain with hail mixed in, lasted less than 5 mins but pond now overflowing.
  7. Morning, not sure whether this is the right place for this, there is a good chance of seeing aurora tonight if we can find some dark skies I'm off out with my flask and blanket later hoping I get lucky
  8. Just driven Bridgnorth back to Quarry Bank in some real heavy rain. Glad to be home and tucked up in bed. Stay dry everyone, night night x
  9. Evening all, getting a little breezy here too. Wind whipping across the chimney pot burning my wood too quickly
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