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  1. We had an exceptional squall shower/downpour at about 1345 , flooded streets in minutes ! Trees down near Stewarts Park ...one blocking the road into the new estate . Im a Postie and thats easily the windiest day Ive experienced in a while.
  2. Im in Eston near the Boro....ICI has been struck 3 times !! Best storm Ive ever seen ....at one stage I had family in the hall because it was that bad my daughter started crying ! The initial wind gusts even had me wondering if we were going to get a funnel cloud . That lightning was just epic !!
  3. That was a surprise......its been quite cool all day but just had a nice little Storm over Middlesbrough . A few bright flashes and some good rumbles...great end to the day !
  4. Fecamp is getting a right battering ...the web cam shows some really strong gusty wind too.
  5. Constant flashing ....would love to be under that now .
  6. Theres some big light displays going on in Germany right now !! LightningMaps.org
  7. Recent hail/rain shower but its still dark over towards stockton /Darlo .......watching and waiting now .
  8. Was going to go to a fireworks display at Seaton Carew tonight but due to the torrential rain this afternoon decided to pospone that ......Mother Nature is certainly putting on a great light display at the moment !! Eston Hills are being lit up by lightning......love it !! Andy
  9. Light rain here but not spoiling the light show.....I was in the loft until about ten mins ago and saw some lovely cloud to cloud flashes .........not much thunder though...strange !
  10. Plenty of flashing go on just off the coast and nearby !! Excellent show now
  11. Can confirm from the loft window that this is / was a superb storm . Flashes of purple lightning across the sky looking towards ICI / Redcar ....bottle of Bud in hand whilst watching... ...priceless ! I took a vid of the first storm and have tried to edit it ...but failed. I managed to pause the video on the computer then took a photo of the screen shot ......needless to say Im happy with this .... Thats looking South across to Eston Hills from the back door . No fancy camera just my trusty Galaxy S3 .
  12. Wow ...purple lightning ...bring it on !!! Best storm for ages round here .
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