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  1. went like this in slough about 930pm. wind went crazy for about 5 mins all still and quiet out now
  2. Slough here, here's hoping I see some action tonight, fingers crossed
  3. Hope Slough gets some action tonight. just cloudy here
  4. Send some south to Slough, we have had no storms this year so far
  5. Let me know what you get, I am only a few miles north of you.
  6. Sky very dark south and south east of Slough. Spitting rain now and feeling very eerie!
  7. Just saw this on the BBC weather twitter feed...... Currently low confidence in the detail, but the weekend weather looks very unsettled - heavy rain and strong winds in the forecast. Nina R
  8. I think the roads (m4, M40, M25,M1) are going to be horrendous tomorrow rush hour! I think it is crazy, but as pointed out above, due to being a blame culture, it is all about preventing risk and saving money. On a weather note, here in Slough, Berkshire it has been a gusty day and recently started to rain (lightly). However the strange thing is the wind has now died down
  9. Winds getting gusty here (Slough). Will be a fun car journey to work in Hemel Hempstead Monday AM. Hope my friends will be safe in Selsey too! Misses thinks I am over reacting, supporting the garden fence and removing loose objects and putting them away!!!!! I said that the guinea pigs may have to come in also for the day!
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