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  1. This is what you got to love about the weather. Not a single drop of rain here but half a mile up the road play was stopped at the cricket and my sister In law was mopping sideways rain out of the conservatory
  2. I get both points. It's fair to have a moan, but at the same time it's difficult to catch up with all the meaningful interesting posts at a busy time. There is a no storm club post afterall.
  3. I don't know if any of you have Snapchat but on there if you go to the stories section and on the map go to Richmond there is someone in a car getting hit from hail possibly 2cm or so.
  4. Big Jet TV picking up. Possibly the best place to see activity atm.
  5. Currently in Ferndown, Dorset working. Been sat in the car about 20 mins and this has appeared during that time. This looking E towards Poole.
  6. Definately something brewing east of me in Southampton. It's over Portsmouth possibly just North. Will try and grab a photo.
  7. Just saw this on Facebook a road in Weston, Southampton. I'm probably 10 minute drive from there and barely had any heavy rain the last hour or so but it's near!
  8. Absolutely hammering it down here. Torrential rain. Cannot make out Portsdown Hill about half a mile away.
  9. Went into Sainsburys in Portsmouth about 30 mins ago and was sunny with clouds bubbling up. Just come out, the ground is drenched and looking east towards the heavier stuff on its way just north of Chichester.
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