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  1. Bit frustraighting down here in Southampton knowing what is happening about 20/30 mins away. Never know though, no one seems to have any idea what's happening/going to happen.
  2. M3 impassable at Winchester and advice not to travel near/to Basingstoke due to 3 lorries that have jacknifed further up the m3.
  3. Jesus how negative are some people. Just wait and see what happens yes might be unlikely but give it a chance!
  4. Got this beauty outside the back of mine at the moment. No sign of a spark.
  5. I've just driven from Pompey back to Southampton and looked at the radar! Haha
  6. In New Milton working at the moment, hoping my drive to Ferndown may bring me through the Southampton cell.
  7. Heading straight towards us. May drive towards Portsmouth then (fingers crossed if it lasts) follow along the m27.
  8. I can see lightning from that cell in Southampton...incredible
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