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  1. Well that's two fantastic storms that have come over now, and looking at the rain radar, more keeps on building. second storm chucked a lot of hail out, all the lightning seems intra cloud and not overly loud. Still very good though.
  2. Well today...... today around my neck of the woods has been very nice after a slightly gray start and even that wasnt that bad. Yet last few days forecasting right up till this morning was at best terrible lol. Forecasts have been rather over dramatized for today IMO lol.
  3. Clouds growing again today, not quite like yesterday but kinda looks promising. Fingers crossed.
  4. Been out and about with a friend, Grafham water then up towards kettering, quite a good chunk of the storms ended up getting quite close to home, home now and it's rumbling in all directions. A massive smile on my face.
  5. Keeping fingers crossed bud, think I got lucky in raunds lol, if it had been my day off I'd of seen nothing as of yet lol.
  6. Got soaked in raunds, large clap of thunder as I was driving to depot in lorry. About to clock out, looking at the precip chart, looks like I'm just west on anything of popping off, though early days.
  7. Wow that was very quick, fingers crossed we may get something for southern midlands.
  8. Plenty of cloud bubbling up all over the place today and very quickly, will the maintain or will they fold flat as quick as they went up? Guess we shall need to wait and see..
  9. Already seeing some of this light convection from the get go this morning, I think all week we will have this ever so slight possibility of the odd later afternoon storm, but its only very slight i'd say.
  10. Any ideas how far north these storms may travel? I guess not overly far, wondering if they may work there way as far as Northants?
  11. Just as I'm about to drive up to North Wales for a couple of days! Couldn't make it up
  12. I feel the same, two glorious weeks felt like just a bit of luck, seems like it's been difficult to get anything settled this time round. The nice parts of April would of been good had it not been for the cold, similar to that of 2020. Our weather has become so mobile and hard to predict, the mobility and location on the hemisphere I guess would mean a much more unsettled climate. I really do hope this is it for summer, guess we still have time yet for it to change.
  13. Once again anything thundery forecasted for around here disappears on the day, can't see anything happening around here. Maybe south coast some where might see something as usual and that's only a "might".
  14. I swear that's how forecasting is done these days lol, bbc app for example is always wrong and can give a dry day, will then just update as it happens
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