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  1. Think you need to stop smoking what ever your smoking, if that reaches uk at speed, then the pigs will be flying along with it.
  2. Rumbling loudly over here, rain getting very heavy with slight hail, few close CG's, completely did not believe the forecast, did not follow nothing and it pays off lol. Interesting to see how heavy and large this storm area is!
  3. Careful of those weeee little tiny rain clouds and there pretty little lightning strikes....
  4. Yes also thought a rather large squall line, some crazy wind direction down along the M4 corridor!
  5. A hive of activity from Ashford drawing a line towards Bedford, extremely fast build up.
  6. Thinking as the risk pushes further south, that today I could be in a much better situation for an even stronger storm, might even go out for a chase locally if the risk is good. Good luck all.
  7. Fantastic storm currently in play over head, wasn't quite sure it would make it but it has, and is doing great. Quite a bit of hail, plenty of lighting though not much in the way of CG lightning. Picture below was as it approached, picture not doing full justice. Peter.
  8. Heard a few rumbles from my south west, lots of development even down this way!
  9. Yep noticed that, sun broke through nicely, heat and humidity has shot up. And clouds are bubbling like mad!
  10. Anything more to your south? Again we may of missed out slightly, for me it all went boom as it left towards Kettering.
  11. Thanks for clearing my head up for me I did hear and see lightning but couldn't be sure, as the shower moved off. ? Massive tower gone up to my south now..
  12. Storm to my west, south of Northampton strikes popping up, can see it close from my house but to far to hear anything and going in wrong direction for me. This is however good news for what seems to now be brewing further south and east, now storms if you can just keep your selves composed and organised please.
  13. Line of instability possibly, drawing a line from Hastings to Chester?
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