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  1. Anyones views on any development of the heavy stuff further west as on radar it does look like it's trying to organise?
  2. Briefly woke up, and wow this is just getting pathetic, if this was just a one off you wouldn't be so bothered but this is becoming all way too familiar!
  3. I must admit I am feeling very positive this evening, the scale of storms could be much wider and many more could see them. I have work tomorrow as a lorry driver and start at 04:30, could be a really action packed start to shift.
  4. Do I dare say to myself that my location looks within a fair chance of some of the heavy most intense parts of the storm tonight. As long as there is not huge shifts eastwards throughout the day of course. On a serious note, do I not water my plants due to foretasted rain knowing that if I water them it will obviously rain? Rushesssss to the watering can.........
  5. Here in Northamptonshire, I would say it feels particularly humid and looks traditionally stormy what I mean by that is remembering in previous years how days have felt and gone before storms occurred in the evening and night. It could be nothing but the forecasts have yo yo'd a lot over the last few days of what the weather wants to do, IMO I think its possible for anything to happen this eve.
  6. Feeling more doubtful for anything to appear further west, say Bedfordshire/Northants. I know anything can happen but looking at current activity then it does look like a wider Kent clipper that's going on? Thoughts?
  7. AGAIN as soon as it gets closer to the forecasted dry weather, it changes! Showers up to mid day today, yet looking at live rainfall I'd say rain all day in some form. Depressing!
  8. I couldn't possibly write off summer just yet, but one thing I've noticed so far is how difficult short term weather has been to forecast. Noting especially this week at how much change has come at such short notice especially in terms of precipitation. I've been getting annoyed at the dry forecast to be showing and then changing at last minute to show what's actually happening, just can't seem to shake this miserable wet weather from around the Midlands/ east Midlands. We do have huge amounts of time for things to improve and I certainly dont expect a repeat from last year but I really hope for better weather than what we currently have.
  9. Had a small thunderstorm go over very quickly, but most of the activity is just east of Wellingborough, is there likely to be much action slightly further west?
  10. Strange lightning apps not picking anything up, yet its pretty consistent lightning and thunder here now for the past 15 minutes or so...
  11. Quite a big shower now built right above me and showing on radar with the white center, just south east of Northampton, no electricity yet though, though it feels prime!
  12. Just looking at charts! Then went in Garden and just sat down and looked up, if I look slightly south and east I can see clouds bubbling up high and moving ever so slightly north and west and then if I look West I can see different flatter clouds approaching and getting darker! That CZ is right above me! Location is Great Doddington, Northamptonshire.
  13. Has been very warm and humid all day in Northamptonshire, plenty of sunshine and now the clouds are building well have been building for a time. The people moaning about no storms coming and the conditions are wrong in their area, well that's because your in the wrong area, looking at where they said storms may happen for some, I would say they where spot on. Draw a line from Reading up towards Milton Keynes then to Peterborough and out towards the wash then give 40 miles either side and you could be in luck. :)
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