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  1. Starting to feel rather depressed with all this wet weather, seems a full dry day is almost impossible. Starting to give looking at the long term model thread, as no matter what is being shown it just ends up being rain. Seems while global warming is causing some parts of the world to burn, other areas to see giant cyclones/ hurricanes it seems the UK should drown. Not sure if things will change anytime soon I want to see crisp cold morning, and more consistently dry weather with more just the average rainfall. I know this is quite a moan but wow this is what constant rain does to you lol.
  2. I was literally just doing that with my eyes, drawing the line and thinking that I am only just on the east of that line hence just seeing a storm go from nothing to something and then moving off in a matter of minutes lol.
  3. Well that storm has passed and is growing in size as it tracks NNE, It pretty much started from nothing a few miles south of me, hoping the next batch may come from the precip that's west of Reading and may be a bit more developed if it comes to something from what it is right now.
  4. thunderstorm just started outside of Northampton south south east.
  5. Lightning detected close by according to my phone app, things outside looking ripe as anything!
  6. People starting to leave the beach! Good cam to watch that cell over the channel.
  7. You are not to far from me, near wellingborough, recon we are in with a good shout this eve?
  8. A long line of showers starting to pep up from Portsmouth and north towards Oxford, any risk of this lot growing into a line of storms?
  9. Anyones views on any development of the heavy stuff further west as on radar it does look like it's trying to organise?
  10. Briefly woke up, and wow this is just getting pathetic, if this was just a one off you wouldn't be so bothered but this is becoming all way too familiar!
  11. I must admit I am feeling very positive this evening, the scale of storms could be much wider and many more could see them. I have work tomorrow as a lorry driver and start at 04:30, could be a really action packed start to shift.
  12. Do I dare say to myself that my location looks within a fair chance of some of the heavy most intense parts of the storm tonight. As long as there is not huge shifts eastwards throughout the day of course. On a serious note, do I not water my plants due to foretasted rain knowing that if I water them it will obviously rain? Rushesssss to the watering can.........
  13. Here in Northamptonshire, I would say it feels particularly humid and looks traditionally stormy what I mean by that is remembering in previous years how days have felt and gone before storms occurred in the evening and night. It could be nothing but the forecasts have yo yo'd a lot over the last few days of what the weather wants to do, IMO I think its possible for anything to happen this eve.
  14. Feeling more doubtful for anything to appear further west, say Bedfordshire/Northants. I know anything can happen but looking at current activity then it does look like a wider Kent clipper that's going on? Thoughts?
  15. AGAIN as soon as it gets closer to the forecasted dry weather, it changes! Showers up to mid day today, yet looking at live rainfall I'd say rain all day in some form. Depressing!
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