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  1. Very shocked to see as much snow right now in Northamptonshire! Looking at the radar, the amount of precip is more than I expected and travelling a lot further east, the stupid BBC app suggests no snow all night, but looking at it this powdery stuff will continue all night maybe even get heavier!
  2. Trouble is the forecast models where there, in front of us, telling us how bad it could be. As fun as it is chasing and forecasting these models I cant help but sometimes think of it as nothing more than glorified guessing, forecasting is pretty darn good 3 - 5 days ahead but anything longer and it just can't be done especially on an island that has so much weather influences from around us.
  3. Shocked and disappointed at the huge changes in the weather after constant progression of cold weather forcasts and models, it maybe cold but its nothing on the scale it suggested and this warm breakdown at the end of the week will ruin any chance of deep snow for my area.
  4. My guess this big chuck maybe the big event but it will continue NNE in direction and could grow and be quite an eventful night for many?
  5. To many people thinking its over, its not over. The cloud is building rapidly across southern midlands now, I think the weather alert exists till tomorrow morning due to more storms coming over night.
  6. Cloud building quickly here over Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire, was clear blue skies about an hour ago with very high temperatures! Something tells me there may be more to come this evening.
  7. What's the chance of anything developing further north this afternoon/ evening, across East Midlands?
  8. I can confirm the cell in Northamptonshire as the bright lightening woke me up. However it's gone quiet for now and I think that's because it's only just gone up, it might be a sign of storms about to break out elsewhere between the cold front and further east.
  9. Seems to be a strong line of convection from Cambridge down through to Stevenage then onto London and out along the M4 corridor. This should make some good storms for the Midlands later as the situation expands.
  10. Hot humid and still, has been clear but there does look to be some instability in the sky now. What would anyone recon on the chance for these storms to head/develop towards south east midlands/Northamptonshire?
  11. Wow, Rushden, Northamptonshire Suddenly from the most smallest of clouds we have constant rumbling, they are blowing up out of nothing and quickly. Peter
  12. Wow what a storm, watched it all in the distance just as it got dark from way south of London. I could see the flashes from the tops of the clouds, by about 0030hrs the flashes had grown a lot and was getting much closer. I have not seen a storm with intense lightning frequency on that scale since early 2000's, every few seconds and all over just brilliant. Best of all no real hail of the damaging variety so my nice clean car is still ready for Santa-pod and not destroyed lol.
  13. lightning strike spotted in the far distance looking south from Rushden, Northamptonshire! deffo was a strike for sure, a good 60 - 70 miles away.
  14. Now looking out my window which is an open view to a almost 180 degree view looking south, south west across fields. Looking towards Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire and all they way across the skyline the clouds are now bubbling up quite high.