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  1. Too be honest i'm really struggling to hold back from making a speedy request for a refund. I'd then hope that if i came back in a year and purchased a full subscription that little niggles would be ironed out. I'm finding some really annoying nuances and glitches during navigation and also when switching between options on drop-down menus. You have the map set to whatever particular zoom you wish to view and invariably it zooms back out when one changes a drop-down menu option. It seems to have no ability to hold the 'precipitation TYPE on' if one clicks on the forward arrows on the slider.
  2. Wow that was a stunningly quick reply and it helps a lot actually. You say "the lite subscription doesn't include the additional ensemble data as that's part of the full subscription" but how come i can assess 'HOME > Weather Charts & Data > GEFS Ensembles and Graphs' via a general internet page not logged in to any form of paid version? If i could trouble you for a moment longer have you any input on not being able to shake of my post code being applied to subsequent maps and graphs and restricting me to only local info? Surely i don't have to log out and clear cache and cookies e
  3. Hello everyone i've just purchased the EXTRA LITE subscription. If i go to the Netweather site not logged in which means i am using the FREE Netweather service i can access an intriguing chart that i can't find on the paid version. HOME > Weather Charts & Data > GEFS Ensembles and GraphsI then select Maps:PrecipitationGraphs:----- Location:Lancashire It displays 20 small maps under the title of 'GEFS Precipitation Run' with the first labelled 'control' and the rest P1-P19 Question 1. Where do i find this chart on the paid version? I've spent ages trying to navigate a path to the same
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