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  1. Im in widely and can confirm snow is still falling quite heavy
  2. Hi all been lurking for the last few days but got to say cant belive how the weather gods are splitting these bands of snow to the north and south of my location portsdown hill
  3. Sorry but I'm a bit confused where has all this rain in the near future just appeared from with temps the way they are is this to do with ex tropical storm Alex ??
  4. Our local weather has storms coming in from the south west but I still think they could pop up any where to be honest
  5. Massive clap of thunder big rain drops falling no lightning strike as yet tho
  6. Ok thanks guys lottery numbers for tomorrow are ?????? Hope we all get to see somthing or other over the next couple of days
  7. Can someone tell me if pompey going to get some storms thanks
  8. Hoping to be in the firing line fingers and toes crossed
  9. Ooh is it looking good for us on the south coast
  10. Cloud is steadily building to my north but think that shower hasn't got the legs to be honest to make it to the good ole south coast
  11. Met office radar tracking is straight over the top of southcoast if there's any life left in it will it be rain will it be snow ????
  12. I'm going for irish sea to chanel coast but I'm a bit biased as on the coast
  13. I'm in copnor so keeping everything crossed