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  1. Boring, boring, boring. what's the chances for Portsmouth moved to just over portsdown hill 500m absl just need something to go bang🌩⛈
  2. Hi all been lurking for the last few days but got to say cant belive how the weather gods are splitting these bands of snow to the north and south of my location portsdown hill
  3. Met office radar tracking is straight over the top of southcoast if there's any life left in it will it be rain will it be snow ????
  4. I'm going for irish sea to chanel coast but I'm a bit biased as on the coast
  5. Slight sleet on the southcoast fingers crossed it gets colder and we can finally see some whit stuff starting to get fed up of will it won't it malarkey
  6. Good great fantastic I do love a good thunder storm last night was epic hopefully tonight will be even better ")
  7. Any idea on a number? Only we have had a call in Southampton and used 1471. However when you call the number it doesn't exist!
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