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  1. Another squaĺy snow shower..... Ashbourne ,but also bits of blue sky.
  2. Your above chart for Sunday ...... well SNOWING NOW in Ashbourne Derbyshire
  3. Morning all Snow snow about 2cm,and snowing ,........ just out of Ashbourne
  4. Sleet now..... looks as if coming from Hull,Lincoln way not from the south.... Ashbourne
  5. Afternoon all.... Was -7.5 with me at 7.45 am.... just outside Ashbourne, no fog but by 10.30 it had come down, algone now with a temp of -2 c,partly cloud with a bit of sunshine..... waiting for the downgrade.
  6. Few flakes in the air.. just outside .. Ashbourne
  7. All of 10 flakes in the air ...... Ashbourne , NOW ❄
  8. Wish I had your optimism for rain @Knivetonwood
  9. Mmmm.... well in my area ( east Midlands) farmers being told this week is the last for abstraction for irrigation of crops from some parts of " the Trent and Mease rivers" ..... not good for the plant's or price in the shop's IF WE DON'T GET THE RAIN. but looking at the longer range forecast it's not coming YET.
  10. Please explain what this is showing as cannot read / understand scale on right-hand side ... thanks
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