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  1. You live in my home town! I’m in Exeter now

    1. Charlie Harnett

      Charlie Harnett

      Oh, wow what part of camelford

  2. I remember last year same happened here in Exeter, was sat out having a beer with my mate At 11pm, he said it won’t thunder as there was nothing on radar, 30 mins later cells fired instantly on the south devon coast and we got a great few storms
  3. Hi guys, took this 30 mins ago here in Exeter, looks nice but what are the clouds here, acas? High level stuff?
  4. Not many people on here will get that joke, I grew up nr boscastle so I know what you’re on about ???
  5. Although we largely missed out on overhead storms here in Exeter I have to say I’m a little disappointed by the negativity on the page. There’s been some fantastic cloudscapes, storm clouds and structures we rarely see in this country, I’ve seen so many “it missed me by 3 miles” and I’m thinking I’d be in my car, on a bike, even on foot if there’s a chance that close? I photographed storms 20 miles from me whilst sat in the sun having a beer listening to distant thunder which was amazing. It’s been great to see so many people getting storms or being able to go out in a car and get close to one
  6. Hi guys, I took this photo from outside the brewery earlier 4pm ish whilst waiting for 8000 pints to transfer, cell to left was over Dartmoor Heading towards launceston, cell to right over north Devon. The clouds were stunning today, could hear thunder from them. Anyway hoping for more tomorrow here in Exeter. Nice to see Lincolnshire not getting as much as usual, most of us are in envy of them as a rule! Not this time!
  7. I’m a lurker here who never posts but is always watching! Cracking cell just gone past me outskirts Exeter, thunder ever couple mins. Nothing mad but great cloudscape and enough to get my thunder fix for now! Mass rainfall too! Very happy
  8. Day off work today, can only say the storm was superb, constant rolling thunder and so much rain, the drops were the size of a 5p coin, plenty of lightning too, really pleased as we normally miss out when everyone else gets it, and the fact it's moved west to east means north cornwall is now enjoying this superb storm.
  9. hope you enjoyed the 4am wake up, I was impressed for Exeter as we normally read on here what everyone else is enjoying so makes a change for us to get a decent storm, kept an eye out this afternoon but there's capping I think stopping any developments
  10. Just spoke to my dad in st austell, they've had some decent lightning there but it's nearly passed through now, good luck everyone hope we all get the storms we've been hoping for, however I'm disappointed in the downgrade for Exeter on weather pro, no mention of lightning whereas last night it was a level 2! ha that's hilarious! Made me chuckle
  11. ha fair enough guys, I would have loved some thunder today but I felt that parts that normally miss out did really well today, great day for severe weather :-)
  12. Why are so many negative ref lack of storms, I mean considering it's still only May I've been happy with the radars today, a good week for storms I think, maybe just a taste of what's to come!
  13. increasing dark skies and rain in Exeter now, look at that lot in the channel though!
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