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  1. Had the heating on for the first time last night, which means only just over a 3 month break from heating for a whole year. It was a fantastic Summer but I really do resent paying for heating in September. Don't even dare to look at the forecasts for next week. Is a diabolical 14c today.

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    2. matty007


      Crewecold - I was in that exact same situation. Look up an energy company called Ebico, no standing charges on the gas.

    3. Eugene


      The razors will be out soon ;) and it's only sept 11th, get a grip guys

    4. Mapantz


      I'm shocked that you're putting the heating on with it being 14C outside? I live in a 110 year old house with the original crappy windows but the heating doesn't go on until the end of November or December. The temps inside are still between 17C and 19C which is fine for shorts & t-shirt still.

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