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  1. Well, I suppose the lengthy period of dry weather we had (Since March-April 2018) had to be offset at some point (nature has a way of doing that). In fact, the more I look back at the last year and a bit, the more I realise how dry it was. Sure, we had short wet spells, but it was very dry on the whole. That seems a distant memory now. The last month and some change has been seemingly endlessly wet, grey, cool and dull. I work outside and it has been so depressing. In fact, I struggle to remember a more wet and depressing period of weather in my 27 years of life....perhaps 2007 would trump it. Still, it's so grim. Hopefully it changes soon.
  2. This wet weather is getting beyond the joke now. Seems to rain every day to some extent. And mostly every weekend is a washout
  3. Well the streak of bad August's continue. It is now 16 in a row (arguably) and this maybe one of the most dire of the lot. Almost completely devoid of any real warmth or sunshine. I also seriously can't understand the comments of it being dry in East Anglia. I am in Haverhill, Suffolk, and it has been raining non stop for nearly 24 hours. Wednesday also rained for over 12 hours, and much of last week was very wet also. It has been very very wet, overcast and cool. It has also been very windy. Infact, I struggle to remember the last day without high wind. I honestly feel this maybe one of the worst August's since 2003, if not the worst.
  4. Well today was as about as grim as it gets. Quite windy, constant rain and cloud. Only in England can you have approaching 40c two days ago and full sun, back down to this muck. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I find it really difficult to see what good anyone finds about this weather. It's just grim. Definite post heatwave blues for me. Hopefully it picks up soon.
  5. Yes indeed. The feeling of emptiness and mediocrity after a heatwave is horrible. That's why i loved last year so much, it was pretty much a constant heatwave. Nothing as extreme as we just had, but very settled and long term warm/hot weather.
  6. Yeah yeah, okay. I was wrong :). I honestly thought it was impossible at the current time. But I'm happy to be wrong
  7. Correction. I said it was possible for Cambridge to have the hottest tempreture, but not break the all time record. Anyway, if the Botanic Gardens reading is correct from Cambridge, I was of course wrong. We can't be right all the time and I can accept when I am not right. Hopefully I was wrong as it was a record I wanted to see broken.
  8. Umm, so we might have broke the record after all. How likely is this to be counted?
  9. Very good chance of setting the highest minima tonight I think, warmest night I can remember certianly. Crazy to think that at 1am and 25c it's warmer than most summer days at 3pm. Amazing.
  10. Despite me being understanding of others preferences, I don't think it's true to say that we couldn't 'deal' with it. It's simply the fact we are not 'used' to it. You see people unable to work and constantly complaining in this country if it gets over 30c, and yet people in the far east and many other places work in this everyday. It is as normal to them as 18c is to us. Do they have a special inbuilt heat tolerance? No, they are just accustomed to it. Funny story. I went into Boots today and overheard a worker there saying that they can't do the stock checks because the manager is not there as it's too hot. He even went on to say it's a national problem....quiet ridiculous if you ask me. It's not even an outdoor job. They are inside with air conditioning.That's a big problem in this country, if it gets a little hot, things grind to a halt. A friend of mine even had an important package undelievered today because the courier couldn't work in the heat. Despite them having A/C in their vans While I 100% understand that very high heat isn't for everyone, it really does make me chuckle when I hear Brits complaining that 25c is 'boiling' or too hot.
  11. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. It missed me and went east, but hoping we get another chance.
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