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  1. Always a pleasure. I will do my best to update as much as possible. Goodnight everyone.
  2. Yep. Off to do that very thing, speak to everyone tomorrow some time. If you don't hear from me, send a search squad ?
  3. Hello guys. Had a sleep for a few hours. Awoke with quite achy limbs, and was sweating a lot. Just like I saw in most patients. Fever remains the same, and shortness of breath, about the same. This places between a cold and flu in terms of severity for me. The general symptoms aren't all that severe. it is just the shortness of breath that gets you a bit. Can't say how much more severe it will get over time however, I've only just become symptomatic.
  4. Thank you, and thank you to everyone else for the support and kind words. I consider all of you good friends. I am upset I have it, but was largely inevitable, and I'll come through it just fine I am sure. Take care guys, will send you an update when I've rested a little
  5. Okay guys, tempreture is now 37.9 so I must go and rest a little, and drink some water. Will have to lock myself away from everyone and ride it out. Will keep a close eye on oxygen levels however as I am honestly shocked at how breathless I am. Not a hospital case by any means, but much more severe than I expected. Will miss my fiancee for two weeks. I hope she has escaped it, although unlikely.
  6. If it gets under 91-90% I would be truly worried, as this often indicates pnuemonia. I will be fine honestly, but this really can leave you breathless.
  7. Thank god I gave the loaf of bread to my fiancee to give to my elderly neighbour. Dear god.
  8. Thank you. I will update as and when I can. Will have to notify everyone I have been in contact with. I will feel so guilty if I have infected anyone, but I was asymptomatic until today. I shall treat this as an experiment of this virus, and am interested to experience it's effects. At least I can enjoy immunity at the end of it.
  9. Normal oxygen saturation is 95-98%. My 93% certainly indicates my oxygen levels are being effected.
  10. Thank you for you kind words, much appreciated. Racism is something I just can't tolerate.
  11. Sorry people, but I have had a really rotten day today. I have a much needed day off work, and I went for a nice walk in town with my fiancee, who is Thai. Frankly, I am appaled at the amount of dirty looks she is getting because she looks 'asian'. It's like people seem to think she was the original carrier of this virus. They see an asian face and wince, or look disgusted. This didn't just happen once, or twice, but multiple times. I had no dirty looks, but she had many. I am shocked at the xenophobia and racism this has caused and I feel so upset for my Fiancee who isn't even from Chin
  12. These are pictures taken by me today. I have no words for the selfishness and how unnecessary this is. What's worse, I overheard someone be declined most of the vegetables he managed to get (most were gone) and he was limited to 2. He is self employed. How is he supposed to make money? The greed and lunacy is just disgusting to me. Tesco etc will never close down and there are no shortages of production. People are creating this themselves. I also have a elderly neighbour near me that couldn't get any bread because it was all gone. Luckily I had a loaf I could give her. This needs to sto
  13. Very good news, and will be much needed.
  14. Quite agree. Tip of the iceberg. I know I keep emphasizing this point, but the government MUST ensure everyone is protected financially through this suffering. The last thing we want as a result of this is a repeat of the 2008 recession. It is the self-employed that I worry about most. We keep hearing of employees being protected, but never anything about the self-employed. The self-employed make up a large sector of our country and are vital to economic growth/stability. And while I have heard murmurings of rents being covered, does this only apply to council rent? Because we absolutely
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