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  1. Anyone got a link for the Holland radar?
  2. New warning out for Wednesday. Up to 20 cm in some areas
  3. Met office warnings have been updated for Tuesday. Now cover much of the country except for western parts of Wales and the SW
  4. What about South Cambridgeshire and NW parts of Essex in terms of snowfall Steve?
  5. I take it Cambridge could do quite well snow wise for next week? If the models stay the same that is
  6. Imagine what the night temperatures will be at t180. Brutal
  7. Remember everyone- don't tell your friends and families about the impending cold spell. On a model note there is brutal cold out east. 240 will be a peach
  8. Looks like the band is weakening as soon as it hits Norfolk
  9. Band off the Norfolk coast now moving SSW instead of SSE
  10. What will the night time minimum temps will be like next week. BBC only showing -2 on the app
  11. Just plain old rain here in Cambridge. Hopefully loads of snow next week
  12. Has the low pressure come in further north or south than forecast?
  13. summerplume18

    Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Small changes from the 18z. Trough slightly further east. WAA faster into Greenland at 108hrs.
  14. summerplume18

    Model output discussions pm 31/12/15

    Good set of ensembles from the GFS 12z. Slowly getting colder in FI. ECM keenly awaited tonight.
  15. When do the ECM ensembles come out?