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  1. Dummies out dummies in every time. Give it time for gods sake.
  2. I hope it's been modified the correct way.
  3. when do we find out Steve?
  4. cost ya small fortune and probs will be wrong anyway.
  5. must be shocking then if he's shocked!
  6. Looks good but wont happen that way.
  7. He may of been hacked as his twitter ban is in full progress for some reason.
  8. 1.5c and falling rapidly with plenty more precip to our west,could be decent for here on the hills.
  9. Heavy wet snow here again temp 2.7c.
  10. somehow I think it's overplayed with the graphic we'll see though.
  11. tempd dropped from 4c to 1.6c in just over 30 mins,back up to 2 c now.