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  1. what a wet weekend it’s been. can’t remember the last time it was this wet. we can only dream that this pattern comes back nearer december but with cold enough uppers to support snow country wide!! we would be buried!
  2. w/nw france better brace themselves if this is about to hit them!
  3. thanks for the info means a lot. i’m praying for them. glad it’s gonna pass to the east of their location. hopefully they dont get to much surge
  4. i have family living in galveston tx. will this storm be coming that close to them?
  5. with hurricanes/TS bumping the jet a bit more north it wouldn’t surprise me if this could actually happen from the lag effect from the current 2 storms affecting it
  6. i saw this north of hurn airport. was towering straight up on one side with a really low bottom. really wish i stopped and took a picture
  7. Not sure if this is Dennis or not but defo looks like a menace with those wind speeds. Can see why such a big swell is forecast
  8. Possible sting jet? Looks like lots of cold dry air aloft being bought in and around the system!!
  9. Epic show here in new milton! May drive down to Barton on sea for a gander
  10. I wonder what temperature we can achieve today if it’s already 22c at this time! Is 5 c hotter than this time yesterday
  11. Has anyone been on null school? You can look at all sorts of live data on there. A handy one being the temp/850 you can clearly see a lot of heat being pumped up from North Africa all ready but unfortunately at the surface things are coming from the east which ain’t good!! As could really have an impact on ground temps.Anyway theres some plus 19 uppers and above just to our south advecting our way so let’s just be patient next week and not get hung up on each run. Things will get hot next week but how hot and how stormy is yet to be determined until we reach T3/T12 as these setups are really
  12. Has anyone seen the secondary low forming off Freya. Looks a lot more potent and could be moving on a slightly sw/ne path which would In Term effect the whole south coast. If what’s showing ups true things could get rather bad. Have the models been predicting this secondary feature or has it just came out of no where?
  13. Was -6 here last night in Poole according to my thermometer!! Let’s hope the surface temps and dew points stay close to freezing through the day then we may be in for some action later when the front arrives
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