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  1. Hi Kris! I have spoken to Laura and she is up for coming to Manchester on the 1st March, so we'll start to make plans! Yes certainly you can join us on the train, i'll bet you've got a tonne of stories to tell!! Which tour will you be going on? Christine
  2. Hi Gee, Nice to meet you (virtually) too! Saturday the 29th March sounds good to us both! Can you let us know which Travelodge you will all be staying in so we can get it booked up? Thanks! Christine
  3. Wow, that sounds right up my street then Looking forward to meeting you all! x
  4. Hi Guys, I'm new to this and would really like to come to the pre-tour meet up to meet everyone! Is this for all tours for for individual tours? Myself and Laura are on Tour 1. We live in Fareham so would be a bit of a trek for us but still want to come! xx
  5. Myself and Laura will be on Tour 1, wished we could have been on Tour 2 though! This will be our first trip so hope it will be a good one x
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