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  1. Too right mate! 3c in Brum here yesterday. Miserable and grey again today. Agree about Summer easterlies too as we're last to see the cloud break stuck in the middle!
  2. under your bottom red line north of wisbech would be our target but suppose would die as usual lol
  3. haha how can we trust the precip chart when they cant even get map right!!
  4. May aswell just rain ! Sure it wont be like that though...
  5. i dont care now. id take it as long as its noteworthy! Unfortunately we wouldn't know!
  6. streamer missing Brum again! And look at the south east FGS 🤢🤢
  7. ive been thinking that all day but not much luck !
  8. Hey! Dont blame us. Sod all still just the odd crappy light rubbish
  9. South Brum-....sod all just grains from time to time. Very disappointing!
  10. wheres my 10 -15 cm then ? LOL What a laugh. BBC Midlands today you really are a bad joke
  11. Not budging past Leicester for last hour and half !!
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