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  1. ECM would give the UK a rather warm back end, if it’s day 6-10 output can be believed. Caveats apply - esp as the other models incl UKMO disagree (notably at day 5/6) day 9 /euro.
  2. If a model isn’t showing you what you want to see, it has to be wrong.
  3. What information currently exists to indicate notable warmth for February? Please, I’d love you to share the charts. Or is this merely frustration?!
  4. This forum is really not a place for hunches or “I feel it in my bones”. Please stick with the models. Foolhardy chat is best served in the moan thread.
  5. the EC mean for the same timeframe tells the op to stop dancing up the garden path!
  6. These uppers look exceptional. And because it’s late winter and the model is showing mild, expect upgrades ?
  7. Oh for heavens sake. Whatever way you look at it, it’s not winter. Record breaking temps or not, it’s likely to be close to 16 or 17C in favoured spots - exceptional considering we were supposed to be in an igloo had we believed the long range models.
  8. Winter grinds on in the U.S., whereas over in the U.K.,.....
  9. So it’s been pushed back to mid January now? Here’s a thought.. let’s just cancel winter altogether. If I have to listen to “I feel we are in for something special” or “the strat.......” one more time!! The UK is seeing nothing at all right now. And the EC mean has a positive temp anomaly throughout its run ... that’s out to second week of January. People keep coming back here expecting MAJOR changes every morning, only to be disappointed. The strat is not our saviour, let’s stop pretending it is.
  10. Probably best not to be looking for that type of cold in the UK, tho? Well, that’s if we are being realistic? In late November we were told to expect this forum to be hyper busy into 2nd wk of December (due to possibility of severe cold)... then it was pushed back to Christmas. Now we are talking about early January & beyond .... A definite and all too familiar theme.
  11. Have a little more faith. I hear the background signals are excellent.
  12. ‘Background signals’... that’s become the new way of saying ‘potential’. Means very little if nothing is actually produced on the ground.
  13. yep - was going to ask the same thing... ecm doesnt look much better. I suspect folk are sometimes looking at different charts.
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