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  1. Is anyone on site already and can give an update as to the rainfall overnight and currently, and whether the trek from car to campsite in the morning is likely to require wellies? Thanks in advance.
  2. This is now looking very reasonable. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the hard work on all this.
  3. This. It feels like every time I look at what it’s doing in Somerset over the last few weeks it’s been hammering down. Lots of rain across the South today again. Im concerned for a mud trap tbh. The site does dry out quickly these days but there is a point of no return. A few years ago (can’t remember which, they all blend into one now) we had an almost completely dry weekend but all the rainfall in the two weeks prior meant foot deep, pull off your wellies, sticky mud in large areas of the site. Just makes getting about a massive pain. I would want to see at least 4 warm day
  4. Yeah. This is going to ruin ground conditions if it keeps up beyond next week imo.
  5. My annual dip into the netweather forums begins. Pleased to see there is already a thread underway. I hate to be a doom monger but I have had a feeling for a wet one this year for some time. Hope I’m wrong!
  6. That was a solid 8 on the mudbath-dustbowl-o-meter. Don't remember a dustier one. Would happily take that weather every year if offered tho. As close to perfect conditions as what Glastonbury ever gives us.
  7. I'd happily sign off on this now. Even worst case thunderstorm with 15mm rain on the Tuesday, temperatures will ensure that the site recovers very quickly. This is basically a scorcher in Glastonbury terms. More suncream use than welly use imo.
  8. Sounding very positive. Feeling good about this one.
  9. Bang on time as always J10. I don't remember a blip last year?? We got some cracking info in the lead up. The weather in the last couple of weeks was making me a bit anxious that we'd get a very similar situation to last year. 2016 was drier than average for festival weekend, but the very heavy rain in the weeks beforehand made it one of the muddiest I've attended I think. However it looks promising over the pilton area this week, and if that generally positive trend continues in the lead up to solstice I will be pretty hopeful.
  10. Now in and pitched up. From what I've observed on the way in, there are definitely parts of the site that will be unrecoverable regardless of rainfall and temps between now and Sunday, in my opinion. At the same time there are some areas that are in decent conditions. I wouldn't risk anything other than wellies/full wets for the next couple of days personally. If it stays dry and warm today and tomorrow, by Friday intermediates might be an option.
  11. Yeah it's all looking pretty abysmal, and the pics and vids I've seen from on site suggest it is already very waterlogged in places. I'm going for a 9/10 on the mudbathometer - Full wet footwear required for Wednesday and you can probably leave the Slicks at home this year. Still, we've been a due a wet one. Sort the weak from the chaff. I'm ready.
  12. Bang on time, as always. Im gonna stick my neck out this year and say the weather will be... mixed.
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