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  1. Looks like the thunderstorm is sweeping from the Lakes is swerving to the east and missing my area?
  2. Convective weather showing a severe for Dumfries area whilst Met Office showing low level threat that barely even touches Lochmaben. Which one should I believe ?
  3. Hope my area is easterly enough ? to see these storms
  4. I totally agree and had made a comment last night about the Met re the same thing.
  5. XC weather showing wind gust of 90 mph north wales
  6. About 19 degrees here and now the sun has gone, dark clouds are rolling in and the wind has lifted.
  7. Looks like that doesn't it! Hope someone with a lot of knowledge here can update us about that
  8. Turning nice here now that the haze and rain has gone.
  9. Lochmaben is calm with drizzly rain. Can hear the birds tweeting happily away. The sky is a warm ochre grey. Don't know what the temp is but wouldn't say it's particularly warm.
  10. Just had a look at the Arpege map, thanks to Draztik, and i'm in
  11. Thank you draztik According to the recent bbc news my area will be getting 70 mph winds and its going to be bad all the way up the west coast. Wales looks to be hit pretty badly too. I really feel for the Irish folk though
  12. Can anyone give the link for the Arpege map that you are talking about? Thanks
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