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  1. I think the storm has passed through here now, or it's fizzling out, as there hasn't been any thunder/lightning in around ten minutes now.
  2. I'm streaming the storm as best as possible that's making its way inland now (link in sig), I've switched the microphone on so it should pick up the storm (and the beeping of my lightning detectors - can't mute them), but there is a lot of other intermittent noise around due to the main road outside the house, the thunder should begin to get louder and should be picked up by the microphone.
  3. I have turned on my camera and will run it where possible overnight so long as the power remains on, the camera is facing the sky, so at the moment it's pretty dark out, so it'll just look blank until we (fingers crossed) get some lightning.
  4. I just drove through what must've been the center of that storm currently making it's way north from the Portsmouth area. Torrential rain, and I need to emphasize the word torrential and the occasional clap of thunder, lightning was lovely vivid purple and had a couple of close strikes which had almost instantaneous thunder. The roads are flooded but things have just died down somewhat.
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