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  1. Regarding the above, I found this from October 2019 - same place, similar forecast, so I guess it's just a crazy prediction?
  2. High tide is at 18:44, so fingers crossed the clearing of people is because of that, and the helicopter was just a precaution to definitely make sure no one is in or around the water.
  3. Found a nice frame from when I filmed the squall line coming over at 14:30, as I noticed a cell/white blob on the Rain Radar. Must say, I really enjoyed that line. Now the blue skies are showing.
  4. Per Schafernaker's tweet, that darn English Channel. Am gonna stay up for another couple of hours, if nowt happens, then I'm going to bed.
  5. Think I might grab a wee power-nap in the late-afternoon, looks to be a long night.
  6. First three strikes (per Lightning Maps), just West of Snowdonia, appeared, then disappeared. Followed by two more showing then going, then another two about a minute ago - wonder how long they stay. [EDIT] They've stayed on screen. [EDIT 2] They've gone.
  7. It seems Wetterzentrale's [website] certificate is invalid - all websites should be accessible through HTTPS (secure) only, not HTTP (not secure), as their website doesn't seem to have this correctly set up, it seems they'll be unavailable until they've sorted that issue.
  8. Around 2pm, as I was venturing around Swindon playing Pokémon GO, I noticed that the humidity (well, that 'ugh, sticky') feeling dropped, wind/breeze picked up a tad and temperatures felt like they dropped quite a fair bit. The 'ugh, sticky' feeling is back now though. Was a nice relief for about 45 minutes.
  9. The wind has been going up and down since around 4pm, getting a few more stronger gusts happening now, downside to this wind is that the cat refuses to go outside for the toilet and instead is marching around the house meowing - I really need to toilet train her. Anyway, back onto the topic of the weather, I did a timelapse from todays satellite imagery:
  10. [13:35] Just had a grey-ish cloud go over then within a few seconds the wind really ramped up (like a downburst/updraft - don't know what the term is, if someone could educate me), then came loads of hail - tiny sized balls. The wind continued, then five minutes after, it all fell quiet again. Short and sharp.
  11. Snow still lightly falling. It's been so lovely to watch all through the night.
  12. Had a 'grandad nap' at around 8:30pm and woke back up just before 11pm and -finally- it snowed here in Highworth. The Mother said there wasn't anything when she popped her head out for a fag about an hour before that, so it's all fairly recent. Hopefully it all continues now through the night. Will look so beautiful at first light. (That's a big reason I like snow, everything around looks so picturesque)
  13. NW Radar has had me on [green] sleet (with [red] snow) for 45 minutes, sadly no show, just rain, rain and more rain. (Slight tone to this in hope that it does change) Location: Highworth, Swindon EDIT (16:42) I think I can see a slight flake amongst the rain, that or my eyes are playing up today. EDIT (16:49) It's been transitioning over the past few minutes from rain to sleet and then now to snow. And yeah, we have snow falling.
  14. There's a live world map of the WannaCry/WanaCypt0r/WCry stuff here, if it's of any use to anyone.
  15. That one was fairly mild compared to some of the others. Am very pleased with how it all turned out today, finally getting a decent proper storm.
  16. Well, here in Weston-super-Mare, we got battered. Was amazing! Loads of loud bangs and rumbles, not much in the way of visible 'fork' lightning, oh and slight biblical rain. The drain in our back garden turned into a weird garden feature too. That was one amazing storm.
  17. Snowing in Weston-super-Mare from ~3:45am. First snowflake I've seen in three years. Am well pleased.
  18. Popped to ASDA for some cider at 3:45am ... saw white things ... SNOW!!! In WsM!!! *wahey*

  19. Not that I could see, still bright outside et al, however I followed it on the rain radar and also on satellite imagery. At 1800 and 1805 (BST) it looked more like it had a 'hook', then sometime after that (about 30-60 mins), it was dumping its guts - a well defined circle of Purple (on NW radar) ... it was totally mad how ferocious it seemed on radar. I've never seen one so big in my life.
  20. Just looking out my window (South) and there's a big ass 'anvil' (think that's the term?)
  21. GFS 00Z shows Matthew going up, but then curling for a 'round two' ... I'm hoping, for the folks there, the 00Z is having a slight '06Z moment'. :/ (Attachment: Tropical Tidbits)
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