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  1. Back from donating a bag of me blood... now to relax and look forward to the - oh, wind.

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    2. Styx


      i'd take a pint of beer over having my blood leeched any day..i mean any day. but kudos to all who can tolerate the experience!

    3. Dale Hay

      Dale Hay

      I've had a fair few operations in the past Styx, so I'm sound with needles (though saying "I'm fine with needles in me" did get a few shifty looks from the Nurses, until I explained :p). Also it's all done in about 6-7 minutes. Was good... I'd be happy to do it again. :D

    4. Styx


      i read about your past medical experiences via your blog introduction ( did a quick search out of curiosity!)..tremendous courage that, seriously...i am wuss about sight of blood...literally makes me feel a bit ill..silly as that !

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