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  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE it when seeing cells just appear out of nowhere on the radar... so much more exciting. ? Thunder heard here! Yes boi! ?
  2. At 16:59 I was looking out (North-ish) of the field I was in. I noticed a cloud in the distance that had a 'curtain' of rain going directly vertical, but I then did notice something a bit thicker that wasn't vertical, it was at an angle. So, as much as I'd love it to've been some sort of vortex (FC or TOR) I'm the type that'd happily stick with it's a strong rain shaft (*giggety*) that is being blown by the wind, hence the angle. I tried to take a picture, I had to zoom in on my phone because of how far away it was. The camera doesn't seem to see anything. So, I decided to pop it in to Photoshop when I got back home to faff around with the 'levels' to change the way the image looks, and I *think* it's a bit more visible. Here's the region I'm looking at: Any thoughts? As I say, I think it may just be a wind-blown shaft. (*inserts 'Oh Matron' GIF*) Oh and just to throw in to the mix, totally off-topic, whilst on the benches atop the hill, I did get a very pretty fellow visitor too. ?
  3. Nine massive deep long rumbles of thunder so far, I feel so happy with just that. ?
  4. At my spot now, my forward view. Just waiting for those blobs to arrive from behind that view... hopefully they don't vanish.
  5. I'm venturing out now for those two blobs that're on there way to me. ?
  6. Bugger all here today (Saturday), which is a bit of a pooper, but the amount of awesome pictures and videos from all of you in this thread, it's made up for that. ? Thank you all for sharing. Thank you all for a wonderful day, NWC ('NetWeather Community'). ? Round 2 tomorrow (Sunday), hopefully.
  7. Sunday: Convective Weather WWW.CONVECTIVEWEATHER.CO.UK Forecasting thunderstorms and severe convective weather across the British Isles and Ireland for up to the next 5 days.
  8. Regarding the above, I found this from October 2019 - same place, similar forecast, so I guess it's just a crazy prediction?
  9. High tide is at 18:44, so fingers crossed the clearing of people is because of that, and the helicopter was just a precaution to definitely make sure no one is in or around the water.
  10. Found a nice frame from when I filmed the squall line coming over at 14:30, as I noticed a cell/white blob on the Rain Radar. Must say, I really enjoyed that line. Now the blue skies are showing.
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