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  1. That one was fairly mild compared to some of the others. Am very pleased with how it all turned out today, finally getting a decent proper storm.
  2. Well, here in Weston-super-Mare, we got battered. Was amazing! Loads of loud bangs and rumbles, not much in the way of visible 'fork' lightning, oh and slight biblical rain. The drain in our back garden turned into a weird garden feature too. That was one amazing storm.
  3. Snowing in Weston-super-Mare from ~3:45am. First snowflake I've seen in three years. Am well pleased.
  4. Popped to ASDA for some cider at 3:45am ... saw white things ... SNOW!!! In WsM!!! *wahey*

  5. Not that I could see, still bright outside et al, however I followed it on the rain radar and also on satellite imagery. At 1800 and 1805 (BST) it looked more like it had a 'hook', then sometime after that (about 30-60 mins), it was dumping its guts - a well defined circle of Purple (on NW radar) ... it was totally mad how ferocious it seemed on radar. I've never seen one so big in my life.
  6. Just looking out my window (South) and there's a big ass 'anvil' (think that's the term?)
  7. Dale Hay

    Hurricane Matthew

    GFS 00Z shows Matthew going up, but then curling for a 'round two' ... I'm hoping, for the folks there, the 00Z is having a slight '06Z moment'. :/ (Attachment: Tropical Tidbits)
  8. Activity starting back up again in Clevedon, although no rain at the moment. Just lightning and thunder. Excellent!
  9. Would normally be in Weston-super-Mare, but am currently in Clevedon this week. Plenty of loud rumbles and the rain is currently just starting now -- ooo a good flash and a cracking rumble.
  10. *crosses fingers for today*
    Good luck to all that get a storm or two today. :D

  11. My guess would be the tears of everyone else itching for a storm. As for here, it was nice to see a bit of rain earlier, felt a lot cooler too, but now it's feeling more muggy. NW's 7 day stuff for here no longer shows any sort of precip or storms at all for here today - even though all week it's had them listed with a 70-80% chance. It's pretty much 100% cloud here too, so that's not really gonna help any surface heating. Oh well, hopefully something changes as the day progresses.
  12. Dale Hay


    We had our Air show in Weston-super-Mare on 18th and 19th June. I went popped down the seafront on the Saturday (18th). I didn't really get many pictures because just like when you're try to take a picture of the moon, an iPhone is naff at doing so - oh and because the breeze was cold coming it, my phone shut off at around 45% battery. *grumbles* All I got (image wise) is the initial fly over and a bit of the Red Arrows playing around. I really need to invest in a proper 'real' camera. :/
  13. Now begins a long night... good luck to all, which ever side you voted for. :)

  14. Did tweet a picture taken from a hotel webcam earlier. Quality is amazing.
  15. http://magicseaweed.com/Live-Brighton-West-Pier-Webcam/67/