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  1. Looking at pressure charts and the Met office prediction for a very warm middle of June..could 2017 be a classic summer?? fingers crossed
  2. It wont get that hot at night until mid/late July!
  3. i doubt it.. The high is centred to the south.. to me its gonna get sunnier and warmer as the week goes on.willl start of with thin layered cloud first thing to be burnt off by 9/10 am to leave lovely mid morning to afternoon weather.. that's how summer days use to be.. Its looking good form Monday onwards if you ask me..
  4. The gfs as gone crazy for next week. heat breaking out countrywide.. pleaseeeeee be true.. I love it when we get summery weather..
  5. can you get your money back on Tescos BBQ equipment if the summer turns out to be a damp squid??
  6. Hiya again! so any new updates on the prospect for the coming summer??
  7. It's  been  a rotten stinking day!

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    2. weatherguru14


      you were lucky today!  rest of the country  got a  soaking!!

    3. lassie23


      still spouting down here

    4. Mokidugway


      lol won't last ,

  8. thats what we hear every year since day dot... The charts are showing something decent in the FL and then when it gets closer to the time frame .the fine weather gets pushed back and pushed back. before we know its the second week in June and then people say.. Look wait for early July.. We have seen that once the weather turns unsettled in the UK in patterns like these.. it takes a a lot to shift it..
  9. The weather in the last 4/5 days as been pretty good if I may say so.. we have lost that horrendous north easterly. today was nice and pleasant apart from a shower at cleared to leave a lovely day..Hopefully Tuesday and Wednesday will be similar for a large chunk of the UK and the rain clears to leave partly sunny skies. And hopefully we get a lot of summer days this year
  10. yeah its still around 17/18c for my location on Tuesday and fact we may have better weather than the south east. they may get thunder storms on may stay sunny up here..Still time to change though. for the UK weather. never ever simple with our climate.
  11. Looking at charts it looks perfectly excitable for a lot of the UK in the next few days.. SW winds maybe showers now and then but plenty of nice weather.. So northwestsnow your being a bit pessimistic when there's no need
  12. I was brought up in the mid 80/ early 90s.I wasn't into the music.. I know my sister use to buy smash hits ..Not sure if they still do smash hit magazines??
  13. turned out lovely here.. not  a cloud in the sky now, and feeling  very pleasant

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    2. lassie23


      tiny piece of semtex

    3. matt111


      Ice trays empty in my freezer. :sorry:

    4. weatherguru14


      I dont wanna use semtex  my fish fingers will be blown to smithereens.. and they wont be fit for the captains table then.

  14. shame that chart is 10 days away!
  15. I cant chat in the models.. but the chars are summer like related so will chat here.. I see the GFS as gone mad this evening. mid 20s in C by day 10.. the chances of that happening are nigh on zilch.. It will be gone on the next run.