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  1. I think we will get a better summer than last year.. surely can't get any worse?.July is bound to be better. I doubt we will get 4 poor Julys in a row. Just need a decent spell of summer weather in June and August and summer 2018 will be satisfactory (well for those who like summer that is)
  2. such a lovely feeling day.. I hope we see plenty of days like this over the coming months. More than likely it will be weeks though after the weekend.
  3. am in leeds and its lovely partly cloud day and lovely and warm
  4. The met office and some maps are showing another warmish spell in 10 days or so time. I would settle for warm bursts of weather now and then. I would even settle for a cold May if we end up with a warmer than average June:)
  5. Ok ok ok the sun is out now
  6. The standard of weather forecasting in this country is pathetic. Just TWO days ago they had sunshine for the bulk of the county today and highs of 16 for my location.. But doesn't surprise me its gonna remain cloudy all day now... I will just wait until the day arrives now and take my viewpoint from there. .
  7. I think the weather patterns are not reliable any time of the year. So say you want this set up in June is pointless.. I personally think those who like summer charts will happy to get nice weather in Spring Summer or Autumn..The more pleasant weather we get the better. If it starts in April all the better.
  8. Would you rate yourself as clever?

    I am the brain box of the world.
  9. Aintree;s Grand National meeting Tipping Competition

    My tip is to back a horse with 4 legs. I made the mistake last year of backing a horse with 3.
  10. Ok good when the high pressure builds form the south. The sun usually comes out..A southerly is a good direction for breaking up cloud.
  11. The bbc in their forecast tonight, are suggesting it could be a cloudy high..Is that likely?
  12. Its so cool out there. The Eskimos have turned their heating up :cold:

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      Hey its not me..just the society with live in...you are now not allowed to play cowboys and Indians anymore..its now white colonialists and native Americans 

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      Arggh right.and you cant play drs and nurses no doubt. In case someone  gets hurt

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      two inuits or first nation or indigenous peoples walk into a bar...........

  13. I think that could do with the air mass. In cooler summers we have North Westerly airflow. But the days often start very sunny and cloud builds up by midday to leave leaden skies by late/early evening. so the sun totals do accumulate over a season... But with a NW the summer temperatures are often supressed.
  14. I agree on the lack of the sunshine. That's my biggest gripe about our climate. The constant grey clouds :(. hopefully the sun amounts will be higher this time around :D.. I look at charts from 2006 and 2003. and see how the hot weather and sunshine goes all the way to highlands in Scotland.. One can hope 2018 will be less drab.
  15. What I find amusing is the people that claim the summers a decade ago were the "norm" even though the last decade we've had a run of poor summers.The 60s had a poor run of summers apparently and the 80s. Yet the best decade of weather.is what the climate is normally like.