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  1. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    anyone with a weather forecast for todays play??
  2. Yes totally.. I actually thought last year was decent enough.. this summer as promised so much.. just to many inconsistent days to be classed as a good summer (in my location).But like you say the expectations of our climate is placed to high..Some comments like "second half of the summer looking like 1995" and then a few days later its bye bye summer 2017 nice knowing you etc.
  3. Most people know last August was very good.. Just people with a negative biased view always look on the bad side..
  4. What age do you think you will live to?

    I don't wanna live forever but I will die trying.. am 39 so double that and I will say goodnight..
  5. anyway wont be long before its Christmas and we will be able to get them really long tubes of Jaffas cakes.. they are about 4fh high
  6. Yoyo's  remember them? Not the  ones  on a  string that pop up and downThe chocolate ones  like viscounts..

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    2. Mokidugway


      From 300 things :rofl:

    3. weatherguru14


      even toilet rolls.. they don't give a s""t  if you excuse the pun :fool:

    4. lassie23


      lol 19 less bum wipe sheets than a few years ago:closedeyes: same price:closedeyes:

  7. Oh well It would be nice if it rained Jaffa cakes and Yoyos.. remember them?? same as vicounts but larger.. same green foil though..Use to love them
  8. September last year was very warm.. lots of mid 20s I remember, for a lot of the month. It does seem we get warm weather early on in the year mid/ May early June..then a mixture of everything then warm again in late August early September.. July this year as definitely been the best one in the 3 years though.. 2015 was totally forgettable. sadly nothing like 2013 or 14... Speaking of heatwaves I don't want 29c 30c .. just low 20s with nice clear skies and light winds. not taking 8 hours to clear cloudy weather only for the sun to come out at 5pm in the evening.. what I find slightly annoying though is weather forecasters with the use of the word no sign of a "heatwave"in their forecasts maybe 1/2 years back that would have infuriated me. for them to us the word heatwave in a forecast.. But now I just know they are doing it to give people the wrong impression.. Because otherwise there would be no need to even mention the word
  9. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    what about the England lions?? players who have been touted as possible players for the future.. Give them a chance. I hope we produce a dry wicket at the Oval and give Dawson another go. If he fails then time to move on for the final test.
  10. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I hope Ballance doesn't get chosen again. hes just not going to score masses of runs with the technique he has.. He will fail way to many times..Time to move on from him.
  11. Guess wind and rain are going to be the order of the day from now on.. Just wish one year we had such a good summer people wouldn't complain for the next 5 years.. that may never happen again though.
  12. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    England do not win games chasing more than say 250..the batting line up is not good enough apart from Root and Cook and sometimes Bairstow.Cook and Bairstow haven't been great in recent times either You just need to see their averages compared to England teams of the past.. at one point all our top 6 was averaging well into the 40s. Cook/Strauss/Trott/ Pieterson/Bell and Prior.. the 7 defeats in 10 matches is purely down to the batting. Its not up to standard
  13. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Yeah and Heather Knight is cute... Not like the England male cricket team ugly as hell. Ballance batting style is uglier though I recon the Oval wicket will be very dry.. So if England can bat well first up.. I still think we have a chance of winning the game..we will see.. I take it the weather forecast isn't that bad?