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  1. From my recollection. nearly all long range models. Including the Chinese and American models.Had a drier than average and warmer than average summer predicted for this year.. prior to the summer season beginning. we know how that turned out. Long range forecasts are nonsense
  2. This is ridiculous.. the last few days have been too HOT.The humidity today is shocking...its been an average to poor summer. But when its been warm its been very hot.
  3. I see the BBC got their long range forecast wrong again for next week.
  4. Oh and regarding the summer so far. If June wasn't so poor. It would have been a reasonable summer thus far. Just that month made summer 2019 on the poor side. Saying that if latter August and September( I know its autumn month) deliver/ I will revise my opinion on summer 2019
  5. Another bbc gripe like I often do, Why do the BBC mention the word heatwave ie "no sign of any any heatwave. why even use the word in their forecast? to give people the false Impression one might be happen later??. Any way August as been decent so far..Not perfect a coupla days of rain and thunderstorms on an evening but so far I would say its been acceptable.
  6. wow I spoke to soon. its dark as newgates knocker..and thunder and lightning
  7. I don't get the complaints over in the model threads..We had a lovely few days prior to the break down over the weekend.. Monday and today are nice (well here) last evening was a lovely summer evening and its suppose to be nice again over the weekend..Its not perfect. But it never is. As long as it remains fairly warm. I will be satisfied.
  8. since the last week in June this summer as really upped its game. Cant really complain about July at all. Not 100% perfect but no summer month is. Hopefully we will get a decent August. And then most of us Summer fans will be satisfied with summer 2019. My main interest is today.To see if the all time record goes.. would be something to break the record. But to think. we have already broken the temperature record for winter this year already. Two seasonal records going in 1 year..That would be something. But also worrying.
  9. what a weird set of weather we have had this year. broke the record for a winter month in Feb when it reached 21c. It was 12 c in middle of June and one of the wettest Junes on record. and the record for July could go soon.
  10. It was a lovely day again here! so cant complain.. July as been decent over all so far. Nothing really hot but its been warm enough for me.
  11. again just seeing the headlines for the weather online. and AGAIN. what heatwave did we have? am lost. Wednesday looks ok at the MOMENT. depends if the wind drops..
  12. No ones writing anything off. If you care tell me how its gonna get any warmer from the position we are in now, I would like to know.. And secondly its a lovely balmy evening outside. Its just "cool"/
  13. even the high out to our west is in the wrong position....All it needs to do is edge eastwards and things would warm up. But like I said at the start of June this is your typical English summer. Last year was an exception rather than the rule. The cold winter last year made all the difference.. It killed off the Atlantic and the high was further north than usually.Now we are in our typical west to north westerly regime..Any one hoping for hot weather this summer. will have to accept its not gonna happen. Not for more than few days.
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