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  1. weatherguru14

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    I thought yesterday was nice here. Today is your typical English summer day. Windy and clouds coming and going and not very warm.. Hopefully we wont have to deal with this weather for long. like we have over the last decade. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. True Long range forecasts in the UK is virtually impossible. Considering our climate..Thats why the models struggle after a few days to get accuracy
  3. errrr nope read this posted on the 26th of April by the weather company (if I recall correctly we had a few days of hot weather at the end of April) Global forecast predicts cool summer in UK By Brett Gibbons 26 April 2018 Trinity Mirror Britain could be heading for a cooler-than-usual summer with three months of below-par temperatures and frequent spells of wet weather predicted. Long-range forecasts for the three months from May, indicate below average values for the UK until the end of July, with a chance of higher-than-average rainfall amounts. A prolonged period of cooler, wetter weather is expected for the UK and north-west Europe, while the south-east of the continent enjoys more warm and dry conditions, according to respected global forecasters
  4. Oh and the summer having lack of hot spells for goodness sake its been wayyyy above average for weeks on end ,albeit the odd day here and there..In a lot of summer months in the past its struggled to get past 14/15c at this current date.
  5. I love this, every time theres good weather its 1976 or 2006 and when the weather is in a blip its back to well summer is going down hill now.. Absolutely no one saw May turning out like it did. considering the cold winter we had..Come the middle of next week and the weather is settled again.. It will be July is gonna be hottest summer month on record.
  6. They were predicting afternoon thunderstorms for my area.. Not likely now. You have never seen such beautiful clear blue skies
  7. really? take Philip Avery last night. with the comment AT LAST AT LAST AT LAST. we are gonna get a more meaningful jet stream. we have seen once the jet dives south it often stays there for a long time.most people don't want AT LAST AT LAST AT LAST. Lets hope its not the case and our summer doesn't go downhill from now on.. Because seeing our summers have gone over the last decade.. once it turns unsettled we very rarely get out of it
  8. Why are the BBC almost delighted with the weather turning unsettled in their last 2 outlooks on evening?? they are kinda taking the wee-wee. They think their long range forecast of a settled end to Juine and good start to July is nailed on. Arrogant bunch
  9. I think it would be better for all if we have the pattern we had in most of May where the jet was way north and we didn't have an easterly.Its not cold here today but very cloudy. was nice yesterday so can't really complain.
  10. weatherguru14

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I was calling for Buttler to return on another site a year ago. He didn't do to bad in his first few outings. I think he's matured as a batsman.
  11. June as started on a decent note for most. 2 out of 3 days have been good here.. I know there's a feeling. June will turn out to be a poor summer month. But the met office and bbc have gone for settled and warmer last 10 days of June. Ie being the final 3rd of the month. if we can get 8/9 more days of summer like weather. running up to the latter part of June. I think most would settle for that. Considering the excellent May we have had.
  12. weatherguru14

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I know its early doors. But Bess looks a real batsman. Could he bat 6?? you could have stokes 7 and Buttler 8 and keep wicket.
  13. weatherguru14

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Anyone else find Michael Vaughan to be an hypocrite?? he wanted either Anderson or Broad to be dropped. (even though Andersons record as been terrific in the last 2/3 years in particular) But he said they should be dropped. This is the guy that failed for along time before he decided to quit himself.I remember him playing on one knee his injury was that bad. Another comment that stuck in my mind from Vaughan was. " I am playing well in the nets" cried when he gave up the England captains job. He doesn't seem to understand the likes of Broad and Anderson also feel the same playing for England. And finally their form as not been anywhere , near as bad as his was ,at the end. Broad record prior to the last 2 years was also very good. In fact he was in the top 3/4 bowlers in the world for along period.
  14. when we get a good June we often get a good July.. I think all the summer months this year will follow the same pattern personally.. fairly dry with warm spells. so over all 2018 will be a good summer.