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  1. summer 2019 was very wet.. people just remember the plumes.. 2018 was the exception rather than the rule. It appears its only the UK that can get 25c in April and 10c in late July/
  2. if someone told me this was the 3rd week in March I would believe them. Our climate is pathetic.
  3. Just below average and cool ie BBC. I just checked the weather in my garden.. 9.1 c and that's not including the strong NW.. How is that just below average? its the 28th of July for pities sake.
  4. Officially the worst summer I can ever remember.. what a terrible summer 2020 as been(and looks like continuing).. well 2007 was horrid.but this year is pretty close.
  5. Are we gonna see 30c in August? if not why does Ben Rich feel the need to use that word on this evenings week ahead forecast? To be fair the last 4 or 5 days haven't been to bad.. Nothing great, It started off poor this morning. but there is a slight feel of warmth in the air.Shame its still way below average and not much sunshine.
  6. Hmm no comment on todays weather. Least said the better
  7. No idea. Am really hoping the patterns swing back to something similar to April and May and it happens before its to late. If we do get a decent August and September I would settle for that..
  8. July last year was much better than this year..and September was better than June and August. Because apart from the last week of June and last week of August they were rather wet months.
  9. Yep and easterlies bring cold in the winter.the weather may reverse back to the set up we had in April and May come mid August and September.It does seem to work that way these days..Its just the lack of any decent weather that makes me feel disappointed. I know you have had some more nice days down there. But in Leeds so far this month and its 2 weeks old.. last Sunday was the only decent day we have had.
  10. fairly strong easterlies on that map. That's what we had in April and May.. an easterly set up.. Not gonna happen this summer now.Shame what a dire set up with are in right now.
  11. Yes I found June to be better than last year as well. But the endless non days of nothing Ie just cloud reminds me of the summer of 2012. When we get cold summers we still get a bit of sunshine. Ie the nights are clear so early mornings are usually sunny then cloud builds up all day until it breaks again at 9 to leave cold evenings. (that's my location). this year its just continues cloud..I just wish it would do something..pressure remains the same. there is no build up so cloud breaks. even showers are nothing but sprinkles.
  12. 2012 written all over this summer.. 2007 was very wet. 2012 did nothing. no sun no warmth and the odd day of rain here and there. Terrible summer so far..
  13. I must have read something different. And they are not on the right signal with it being an average summer. This a very poor start to a summer. Even for the UK and its not going to improve for a long while. All I am saying its not possible to be correct on a long rage seasonal models. When they cant even get a forecast correct for a few days ahead. No one should do long rage forecasts for the UK. Should have DONT KNOW.. and leave it there.
  14. I could say this and that.and do it several times and one or two times my prediction will come true.. I was just mentioning how nearly all the major models were predicting an above average summer temperature and drier than average. We haven't reached 20C in nearly 2 and half weeks. we haven't even got past 15c in the last few days. No one predicted this was going to happen. Because no one can. Not with the UK climate its impossible. Even on Tuesday, next week was looking good for most of the UK. again that's back tracked now. Of course the BBC have been going on in their recent monthl
  15. I think having 1/2 nice days out of July isn't expecting to much
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