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  1. since Stokes is now bowling.. any idea why Rashid is in the 11?
  2. Flintoff was another over rated player. Never got the hype that surrounded him.
  3. averages are misleading. failed way to many times. Hes not a number 6 more seven. shame we have no number 6 or 5.
  4. Have you noticed how team selection always protects Stokes? Last test Curran got dropped so Stokes could return. Now in this game we are one batsman short. So that Stokes doesn't have to bowl. And the end off all this. Apart from his 50 in the last game. His performance with the bat over the last 10 tests have been virtually non existent.
  5. Cook will probably retire at the end of the series. Been a good servant for England. But since he lost the captaincy. His motivation to score runs appears to have gone. 2 openers required. another number 3.. and a number 5.
  6. terrible cricket team.. that's why England are 5/6 in the test rankings.. Some of the decision making Is mind boggling.Most of us could have told you giving Root the captaincy would have added to much pressure on him. and its baring fruit now. We go back to Jennings. Again most of us could have told you. He isn't anywhere near good enough.
  7. If we do get a good September I hope we get temps in the low to mid 20s.when its higher it often brings a lot of humidity and cloud. Be nice to get back to weather we had previously with lots of sunshine.
  8. Just seen Jennings dismissal, He defends straight with his bat. Ie hes defending a ball upright and square.. He needs to get his foot out and let the ball go by. Hes simply just got enough at this level.
  9. Anyone else sick of the attitude of this England cricket team? how many times do they do this? a care free attitude.. At least show some fight?.
  10. Jennings is averaging just over 20..I think the stats show the standard of him.
  11. we have had a good few days of fine weather in August so far..Its not been perfect. But it never is. If we get up to 10 more days in this month will mean half the month as been decent .. Anyway the BBC monthly outlook and the met office are saying by the last 3rd of the Month fine weather is suppose to return. we will see.
  12. You wonder why test cricket is dwindling when India is allowed to bowl 37 overs in 3 hours of cricket. Something needs to be done about over rates.
  13. wow well that's more like it.. some comeback that
  14. Anyhow, theres enough swing and seam movement to keep our bowlers interested. If Broad gets on a roll he could blow the top order away. hes that type of bowler.
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