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  1. A hose as been eating neighbours hedge and left a message in the street.

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    2. matt111


      I looked at this and thought wat sort of hose eats. :rofl:

    3. weatherguru14


      Hoses drink water.. :db:

    4. matt111


      Hate not being able to edit status update replies (obvious typo in my reply above). Yes hoses do drink a lot of water :good:

  2. what I find staggering is the strength of the sun, so early on in the year..the last 3 days wouldn't be a miss in early June..
  3. Lovely clear blue skies and sunshine :clap:

  4. One does get the impression??? we do not know what is going happen in the summer.The charts are showing fine weather approaching.. I know your sadistic personality can't handle that.. But who cares about that.
  5. Humble pie
  6. Ha I love how the say weather experts say this.. when its not possibly to predict more then ten days away to be exact.. and even day to predicting in that 10 days is often incorrect.
  7. who makes up the names of these storms?? Now we have one called Doris.

    I've  heard all kinds of names over the  years.

    Why can't we call them after celebs and politicians?.

    Trump/Corbyn. Des o'connor. Dale winton etc.

    1. RichmondWeather


      If they ever get to J (hope not) they should call it Julius, my name. Imagine how cool (or not cool) that would be

    2. lassie23


      justin bieber:nonono:

  8. Surprise the  girl friend this valentines.. Introduce her to the wife!

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    2. weatherguru14
    3. Mokidugway


      Have you considered polygamy?:rofl:

    4. weatherguru14


      Yes but  the mother in laws.. are a bit of a negative :pardon:

  9. What ever happened to shovelling snow from your paths?? icicles hanging down from your guttering like giant daggers?.

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    2. weatherguru14


      yeah those days seem to have  gone :nea:waking up to fallen snow and being the first foot prints in the snow great fun.

    3. Alice1991


      Proper winters are very few and far between now. The last really good winter I can think of is 2010/11, especially the December part. Although 2012/13 was pretty good once it got going.

    4. weatherguru14


      Yes march  2013 was very snowy :db:

  10. Birds been chirping outside my window last 2 mornings.. They must think its spring already:nea:

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    2. weatherguru14


      No.. my cats will feed on them.. if I feed them myself :D

    3. lassie23


      how many cats do you have

    4. weatherguru14


      5 .we took on a cat who was pregnant. the owner chucked her out. she had 3 kittens.. and we took another stray in. so that makes  5!

  11. someone else's  wheely bin is in my garden and the fence over the road as blown down.

    who's going to pick this mess up?Not me..

    1. lassie23


      Someone forgot to name this storm.

    2. Cloudy daze

      Cloudy daze

      Don't worry you can rebuild:closedeyes:

  12. Will we get any substantial snow this winter?. :cold-emoji:

    1. lassie23
    2. weatherguru14


      thanks for letting me know!..

  13. Gawd its a cold day today :cold-emoji:

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    2. Seasonality


      Wear Donald Trump's head as a hat?

    3. lassie23


      lol you might get pelted by eggs

    4. weatherguru14


      It would be good to scare away the  hooligans..

  14. I would move Root back to 4 where he as preformed his best. Cook/Hameed/Duckett/Root/Moeen/Bairstow/Stokes.. Stokes to me is not a number 6..
  15. Finn only gets picked because he's Cooks friend.Finn as been utter dross for as long as I can remember.. Jake Ball should have been given a chance.. But if your not in the in crowd you don't get chosen.