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  1. September 23rd The End?.

    we made it then how dare we still be alive.. when's the next doomsday?? don't wanna be missing it..
  2. when am I going to get a  dry day  "24 hours" where it doesn't rain or have showers? Its ridiculous now... must be months  now..

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    2. matt111


      I meant I WAS thinking that... Blame autocorrect,,, :wallbash:

    3. matt111


      Made it. 2 whole dry days in a row. :db:

    4. lassie23


      kim jong had his electricity cut off for not paying his bill

  3. September 23rd The End?.

    yeah that's why ET went home when he heard her voice..
  4. September 23rd The End?.

    The world is going to be destroyed by a gigantic hailstone! 1000 miles high and wide. smash this planet to pieces!.. and the met office will get it wrong. its only small hail.. size of a grain of sand..
  5. September 23rd The End?.

    ET rang the bbc for directions!
  6. September 23rd The End?.

    lassie went home? or is that et
  7. September 23rd The End?.

    could Kim Jong be an alien?? and about to invade on the 23rd?
  8. September 23rd The End?.

    thats normal though! not because the world as ended
  9. September 23rd The End?.

    yeah were are all laid unburied on the ground. birds pecking at us!!
  10. September 23rd The End?.

    It ended in 2012.. Just not one realized!
  11. Just been caught out in the worse downpour since jack was a lad.:fool:

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    2. weatherguru14


      no  thunder thankfully

    3. Mokidugway


      Lass ,hailing taxis is far worse than raining cats and dogs ..

    4. Spikecollie


      I love your expression "since jack was a lad", my Dad who was from Newark used to say that! Good to see Yorkshire getting some weather action too...

  12. This period from Mid July to Mid September  as  been the worse I can ever remember.

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    2. lassie23


      the lack of sleet has been appalling

    3. Mokidugway


      The lack of anything remotely interesting has been appalling...

    4. lassie23


      the appallingness has been appalling

  13. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    So what is the likely test squad for Australia??
  14. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    all I can say is thank goodness we bowled them out so cheaply or we would be stuffed in this match.. get 50 partnership and we will be close with 6 wickets left Still all to play for
  15. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    I don't think the coach offers anything at all!. Our test batting has gone backwards under him.