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  1. it's been great, we've had 8-9 months of mild, warm, humid, bland boring weather, it's about time we saw some chilly wet days, i see the general public are already moaning about "how long this bad weather has been going on for" though
  2. kids out everywhere trick or treating, part of me wished they put the clocks forward rather than back then they wouldn't be coming round here now

  3. although it is 20c here its a completely different feeling to how 20c feels in mid summer this is far more pleasant for me
  4. open the blinds at work and you'll still have almost all day to see daylight personally i don't know why people moan about darkness so much, people call you a wimp if you moan about cold weather or hot weather but for some reason its normal to hate darkness, feeling cold or feeling hot is a far worse feeling physically than seeing a bit of darkness in the evenings which is more of a mental feeling
  5. their latitude is a lot further south than us and they still put their clocks back, do they complain about the clocks going back every year like we do
  6. to do what? sit in the beer garden, cut the grass, go to the beach? i do agree the clocks should go forward in early march though
  7. how long would you survive for without seeing natural light?
  8. depends how early you have to get up, it will be getting light at 6:30am tomorrow morning here
  9. yet people mock footballers for wearing gloves when they actually have to go out in the cold
  10. the sun is stronger in the USA but they still get plenty of snow in winter
  11. spot on lazerguy, the reality is the clocks probably don't even need to go back yet really as it still gets light early enough tbh, though not in scotland and ireland i suppose, but im glad they are going back this weekend anyway plus people always say it gets dark early now, since when is 5pm early? no one would say you got up early if you got out of bed at 12pm would they
  12. i'd expect nothing if i lived in plymouth or the scilly isles
  13. its a great change halloween and bonfire night are coming up it would be silly if it still got dark at 9 or 10pm now, anyway even in november it will still be daylight all day long, people just happen to finish work when it gets dark that's all
  14. so good to see a dull wet day for once, rain is almost as rare as snow around here

    1. lassie23


      do you live in the desert?:-)

    2. Eugene


      Yes very rare but not as rare as cold weather

    3. IanR


      i have a feeling some olds skool cold snaps will happen this winter . last years mild and stormy was a one off imo

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