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  1. here we go again, eye candy shown at T300
  2. i don't mean cold snowy charts i mean charts with deep lows over the UK for later next week, but even though im a mere novice im not surprised its been replaced by high pressure i've seen it happen time and time again, the GFS is still showing low pressure but it will probably follow the ecm
  3. it was supposed to rain all afternoon and evening here but it has been dry with a bit of sunshine and its still dry now, the forecasts are wrong at T0 so i have no idea why i bother to look at T240 charts that is tedious to the extreme, mild and dry in winter is far worse than it being chilly windy and wet, of course i wouldn't want it to rain all the time and i know some people don't want lots of rain as they get affected by floods, but i live no where near a river so lots of rain doesn't bother me, i'd love some high pressure if it brings chilly/cold days with frost at night but even that is too hard to achieve atm, as i said im fed up of these cloudy dry days with temps at about 10c, and yet again the models have downgraded good charts for yet more bland high pressure which will just bring average to above temps with no frost and probably not much sun either
  4. ECM is boring in FI i hope it doesn't come off, i'd rather have rain and gales than bland boring high pressure with temps of 8-12c
  5. it's been great, we've had 8-9 months of mild, warm, humid, bland boring weather, it's about time we saw some chilly wet days, i see the general public are already moaning about "how long this bad weather has been going on for" though
  6. even though we think the weather in this country sucks, it's far worse to have in interest in the weather if you lived in spain or Portugal unless you live on high ground of course as for the models im not in any rush to sit here and watch them when they start trickling out just yet hoping to see a beasterly in FI unless i have nothing better to do
  7. kids out everywhere trick or treating, part of me wished they put the clocks forward rather than back then they wouldn't be coming round here now

  8. although it is 20c here its a completely different feeling to how 20c feels in mid summer this is far more pleasant for me
  9. why are you shocked that people like cold weather and snow on a weather forum? cold and snow is very rare in this country so its understandable people want to see something different to the norm, warmth and sun isn't rare in this country contrary to popular belief we've had weather like today since march, i used to love hot weather but for some reason i can't cope with hot weather any more, but i still like sunshine and warmth in spring and summer even though i prefer rain and cool temps in summer more, why do you hate snow so much? sorry for being off topic please move posts to relevant thread they shouldn't be deleted
  10. yeah of course you wouldn't moan if we hadn't had a warm spell by late april and temps were still in single figures? you have to remember that average in November is still not cold enough so people would want it colder than average, but average temps in may are fine as long as the sun is out
  11. it might be far worse than last year it could be milder and drier this winter, imagine it being between 7c to 15c every day in winter, although it is still only october im beginning to get annoyed now i want to see some chilly/cold weather in November but there is no sign of any cold synoptics on the models it's 19c right now which is about 7c above average, we certainly won't see temps 7c below average in late april, yet people moan about how this country is cold/cool for most of the year, it's the biggest myth in history
  12. open the blinds at work and you'll still have almost all day to see daylight personally i don't know why people moan about darkness so much, people call you a wimp if you moan about cold weather or hot weather but for some reason its normal to hate darkness, feeling cold or feeling hot is a far worse feeling physically than seeing a bit of darkness in the evenings which is more of a mental feeling
  13. their latitude is a lot further south than us and they still put their clocks back, do they complain about the clocks going back every year like we do
  14. to do what? sit in the beer garden, cut the grass, go to the beach? i do agree the clocks should go forward in early march though
  15. how long would you survive for without seeing natural light?