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  1. Finally got round to reviewing the lightning captured by the GoPro on Day 3... Day 3 Lightning.wmv
  2. Day 9 - how things can change in a day! Having had an awful day on day 8, we set out towards Casa Grande mid afternoon as there were some healthy storms building west of there. Driving west on 8, we could see the storms to our left, and the Baron was showing loads of severe markers and lightning. However, we weren't seeing anything! Stopped a few times to get shots of the structure, but still no lightning. Pushed through the storm until we were about 30 miles away from the California border, looking back at the storm, which was still showing severe and masses of lightning. Unfortunately all we
  3. Day 8 - very frustrating day. Made the decision to head to Flagstaff, which seemed the right decision when we went through a storm with monsoon rain with some nice hail. Then we saw a really nice storm building, with tons of lightning, really strong, but it was over 200 miles away in Casa Grande. So not a lot to get excited about, and very few photos.
  4. Wow, what a day. Tracked a huge storm west of Casa Grande, and ended up only 30 miles from California. Saw some amazing structure, but kept getting caught in dust storms, so couldn't see the huge amount of lightning this storm was supposed to have. Eventually pushed back east through the storm, and saw the ost incredible lightning I have ever seen. Missed the best bolt on camera (8 or 9 strike bolt that lasted for about 10 seconds) but did catch the following 2 on video. More photos and video to follow. Amazing Lightning.wmv
  5. Finally, a decent storm. Tracked it from Tuscon, driving through some serious monsoon rain (avoiding the numerous accidents we saw) to finally get to a Phoenix suburb for some night time lightning. A much better day :-)
  6. Day 6 - after a total blowout on Day 5 (didn't even take the camera out of the bag), much of the same today. Did however manage one daytime lightning shot (bit of a stretch!) and a couple of other OK pics...
  7. Brief video of the tail end of the lightning this evenng... Don't bother with sound :-) Lightning.wmv
  8. Some lightning shots from today. Arizona finally delivering the goods. Will admit to a couple of stacks
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