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  1. cheers fur that ruzzi. looks brilliant.
  2. alright stormeh. Used to live further along the braes fae you in foxbar. Know borrheid very well. Anyhow to part answer yer question No done the north coast but my cousin did it in a four berth motorhome last year. Im no a motorhome owner and never have been , im a caravaner , we currently tow a lunar quasar four berth. If the motorhomes are similar to caravans , dont think there is that great a difference between many four and six berths regarding towing and manouvering in my experience , and it was no problem for my cousin in her motorhome. Just dae yer research , good quality sat nav especially one for caravans/motorhomes can help but ur no 100 % foolproof , pick yer route and where ye want to stay etc. Been towing vans for 14 years something like that , if you have driven large vehicles then all that experience helps. enjoy pal!
  3. Good pictures catch. Bet you wish you never left civilisation in Paisley
  4. No been to that site snowidea , sounds good. Was meant to be going away in our van but had to cancel as we have all had the flu.
  5. Why dont you have a look on the uk campsite forum http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/ click on the map for the area you want to go to and then refine the search to suit your needs.
  6. Camping in the UK and Europe

    p.s recommend the french sites when going abroad . http://www.camping-leragis.com/en/ this one here is a gem , went there a few years back near the town of challans in western france. best of luck with the camping!
  7. Camping in the UK and Europe

    Hi stainesbloke. im a caravaner who has progressed from camping , been caravanning now for over 12 years. Best advice i could give you is this: http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/ gives you all the best sites in your area or wherever you want to go and reviews , plus discussions on latest tents caravans and camping gear etc. I have been a member of the site for years and found it good for picking out decent sites plus help and advice. hope that helps mate.
  8. Make us laugh

    Just been down to tesco there wae the wife and right oot the blue she says to me "you really are a lazy bar steward!!!" Well!!! I nearly fell out the trolley!
  9. Hi Mike i thought , as someone who is interested in history , that you might like to read this snippet from some of the work by the respected historians tam devine and michael lynch regarding the  myth about darien......



    Myth number one – Scotland was bankrupt in 1707.


    Well , no, it was not.


    The Burghs were cash rich and the Scottish economy in the decade prior to 1707 was growing at 2.5% per annum according to research by the historian Michael Lynch. So who was bankrupt? Well that was the Scottish land owners who had mortgaged their lands to fund the Darien Scheme and if they had not been bailed out by Westminster, the Burgh middle classes would have taken control of Scotland – something the English Government could not allow. The ‘Whig’ English Government had also been buying off the Jacobite Lords in Scotland to ensure the Hanoverian succession at the cost of a £1 million a year ( £1 billion in today’s money). Further the Jacobite Lords were playing the ‘we could ask the French for help’ card which meant  ‘Horse Guards’ had to keep English Regiments on the Scottish Border that were needed by Marlborough in continental Europe to prop up England’s war against France.


    What actually happened was the incoming Tory Government of the day decided they were not gaining anything as Defoe quickly reported that most of the ‘Jacobite Lords’ were unlikely to support James’ VIIth claim on the thrones of Scotland and England so shifted the bribes from the ‘Jacobite Lords’ to the Tory inclined Scottish Lowland Lords who were in trouble with their Darien mortgage repayments coming due and being in danger of defaulting – the ‘parcel o rogues’ of Burns poem. The English Parliament needed the Union to secure their Northern border once and for all and created pressure to persuade the Scots that ‘Union’ was a good idea – one of which was siding with the Spanish to ensure Darien failed and another passing laws to exclude Scottish traders from all England’s colonies by imposing excessive duties


    best wishes mike:)

    1. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan


      Thanks for that - I am always interested in history - there is so much to learn from it but it seems we never do but keep making the same mistakes time and time again with so many important decisions being made to placate expediency rather than the long term view which with little doubt would be better.

      It seems that government tactics have not changed over the years - I recall seeing a French newspaper headline some 20 to 30 years ago in something like 'Le Monde' in France after the tone of 'Le pernicieux anglais' at the time I felt affronted but after the more recent shenanigans I now realise there was possibly good reason for it.

      But to describe it in technical terms, basically the English parliament did not give a sod about anybody else provided they came out as the winners.

      The trouble with that kind policy is that it can so often come back and bite you in the a***, often when you least expect it and can sometimes be the most painful.

      Strangely enough, you may have realised, that I am out of step sometimes with my English compatriots - I put it down to my great great great father being born in County Clare in 1839, as I found out recently. I also believe in the theory of genetic throw backs - I am one :D which I think explains a lot.

      Being baptised a Catholic with Catholic school to the age of about 8 years, sent to live with my grandmother* who was Methodist and going to their Sunday School, whilst going to a C of E day school also did something to shape my ideas. 

      *Old fashioned open range fire place, tin bath in front of the fire, lav outside up garden.

      By, yer't tell 'em now, they won't believe yer! :)

      Perhaps in some ways even though being one of those detestable Sassenachs, probably we ain't that much different.  


    2. balmaha


      Totally agree mike , thanks for the reply and very best wishes.:)

    3. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan

      Je vous souhaite les mêmes choses :)


  10. hiya knocker thought you might like this......................





    It is important to dwell on the language issue. This is one of clearest demarcations between one (cultural) group and another. The fact that Kernewek exists still, despite England’s best attempts at silencing it, is the most potent symbol for Cornwall in having a clear separate identity to England. In the 22 years since the chapter was written, Kernewek has gained a far greater presence and symbolism. More people are now able to speak the language than have done for decades, duel language signage around the territory is more evident than ever before (something which will only increase in years to come) and it is protected under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Eight years ago saw Kernewek established in a Standard Written Form, and 2010 saw UNESCO announce that its former classification of the language as “extinct” was “no longer accurate” (BBC News: 2010)


    1. knocker


      Thanks very much for that balmaha it is indeed very interesting. I've read a fair number of the Cornish Study Series and a fair bit of Philip Peyton's writing although I must admit I found some of the language articles somewhat heavy going. In fact I nearly signed up for their masters course some years ago but couldn't afford it. I will post this link around some of the Cornish groups I float around in.

      I've resolved not to look in the asylum, a.k.a the ref., thread but I expect I'll weaken.

      I trust you and yours are in rude health


    2. balmaha


      Aye  , we are all fine Malcolm.

      I am a member of various celtic study groups on facebook and lots of interesting stuff  , like this article , getting posted on there.

      As for the ref thread , what can i say? I think it is extremely worrying times for the majority of sensible decent people around these islands , coupled with the rise in racist and extreme behaviour and you do wonder what the future holds , especially for the children. ( my two just about to go up to secondary school).

      Every time a conservative government is in power  these islands are in utter chaos.

      Anyway hope you are well also and look after yourself , if i get anymore articles i will post them over to you .


  11. France weather

    Hi spike collie nearest town to us is fontenay le Comte , we had 30 c yesterday , today it cooled to a more reasonable 23 c.Cannot believe the heat at night , has barely been below 18 20 c for over a week now. Had a small shower and a rumble of thunder last night but not much.
  12. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Thank Christ ye wurnae flyin the day Ravelin. Glesga airports been shut the past 8 hours due tae a suspicous car being found. Apparently it had tax insurance and the radio wis still in it
  13. Scotland - Weather Chat

    aye , ah know the feeling saltire. Had a lay in the last few days. My neighbour chapped on ma door at half two this morning. Can you believe it! half two! lucky fur him I wis still up playing ma bagpipes