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  1. That been true of every tournament i can remember , with stats pointing out the last 4 or five previous world cup winners havent got out the group stage of the following tournament. The new world cup winners still went on and played many of the top ranked teams on route to winning the new tournament though. Paul the hard fact is England unlike any other team i can remember at the world cup , havent played a meaningfull match against a team in the top 15 fifa rankings and they are in the semi final of the world cup , including their semi final opponents. When has that happened befo
  2. The point of a competition , especially at the finals , is having the best teams competing , hopefully producing fantastic and entertaining football in the process , with teams able to compete with each other and as closely matched as they can be , eventually to produce a worthy winner. well aye i have , and germany faced the likes of the yanks , portugal and ghana in the group stages , then algeria france brazil and argentina on route to winning the world cup in 2014. Or what about the spanish in 2010 , they faced chile switzerland and honduras in the group stages , then went
  3. Good post tom. After my team Scotland , and my second team Ireland failed to qualify , i was saddened to see the italians fail too. Always had a soft spot for italy , growing up in paisley/glasgow among many scottish italians and one of my childhood mates is still to this day a juventus fan. Serie A was the main league outside of scottish football many of us took an interest in , long before most of us had heard of many of the english teams. I think henrik larsson might have fancied his chances against the walking disaster that is kyle walker the other day for sweden agai
  4. Your a wind up merchant cheese.?
  5. Well , two things have struck me about this world cup. The first thing is how the poisonous whispers by western media and governments about Russia , violence racism etc encouraging many european fans not to travel in the earlier stages and being outnumbered by the south americans have proved to be nothing more than blatant propaganda and absolute nonsense. Dont know about anyone else but from the reports and what i have seen , Russia looks an absolutely stunning country and the people seem lovely. I was expecting grim faced locals and dilapidated grey ex communist citie
  6. A while back, I picked up a lovely young girl at her parents' home. It was our very first date and I was terribly excited. Being a university student money was tight but I had scraped together enough money to take her to a fancy restaurant. But to my horror she ordered the most expensive items on the menu. Oysters. Lobster. Champagne. She was not holding back! I asked her, "Does your mother feed you like that when you eat at home?" "No," she replied, "but my mother's not expecting torrid, wild, uninhibited sex tonight." I said, "Would you care for dessert?
  7. Well it should be ross but the reality is it isnt along with a long long list of subjects outwith football. Imagine the european union took control of all member states broadcasting under one central umbrella broadcasting corporation replacing the BBC , and started pumping pro german or french bias into english living rooms for regional or world cup footballing tournaments with some minor token lip service paid to the mere outlying regions like englandshire what a riot that would be. No point moaning about it though cause we are where we are unfortunately for the minute. come
  8. i know markyo but scotland s women lost to icelandic women , your men would lose to the icelandic women too!! heres suggs , telling it better than i ever could how your an embarressment to the uk......... "Keep away from our door! dont come round here no more!"
  9. That bad England , the mighty team of world beaters , average wage 300k per week , struggled on to a draw wae us in qualifying. At least theres the consolation of knowing you arent going to be put out the world cup by a team of part time icelandic dentists. Anyway markyo what do you know about football? You`ve never been to a decent game of football in your life. The last time yorkshire produced a half decent footballing team , the pope was still an altar boy and even sevco managed to pump you home and away.?
  10. While the germans or brazilians , with twenty major footballing titles between them at world and regional level , look to be measuring their success against their major footballing contemporaries in winning titles at international level , its still gratifying to see the englishman measures his success against the barometer of how far the mighty scotland got in the world cup.
  11. Cheers weiry for taking my post in the spirit it was meant , where i was promoting caution and offering thoughts for those fans of deutschlands germanic little sister ready to get the towels on the world cup final sun loungers before they have kicked a ball in anger in the knockout stages , rather than dismissing it as the obligatory scottish envy and bitterness. Merely posting a note of caution in the same manner as that other well known bitter scotsman , macdougall of the kentish clan in his earlier post. I have been a football fan following my club and country , scotland and celti
  12. No colombia sweden and switzerland are not obviously of the calibre of the teams you earlier mentioned , but then neither are England. Heres some more facts for you. England have the worst international record of any of the major footballing nations in the world , with one world cup to your name and nothing else. Your league , often reputed to be the best in the world , is dominated by foreign money , owners , managers and players which is reflected in the relatively poor historical performance of your national team in various competitions. So far you have played two pubs tea
  13. Again lauren you divert the discussion onto minutiae rather than discussing the worth of a degree in England - why? For the record i was generalising , rather than specifically talking about you. Hope that clarifies. We already established that student debt in england isnt treated the same as regular debt might be earlier in the thread havent we? For example the amount you owe though may not be factored into anything as you put it but the repayments are when it comes to a mortgage. Again though we go round in circles , so as you say i
  14. Eh? If you are earning under the threshold or barely paying off the debt over your working lifetime you have to question the value of the degree in terms of your income in the first place surely? Dont know about you but i go to work to earn money , as much as i can otherwise what is the point? Im certainly not there for the fun of it.
  15. Ok we seem to be arguing the semantics of house prices in your area whilst moving away from the nub of the argument , which is the worth and impact of obtaining a degree in England . Well yes you did dismiss student debt and trivialise its impact on obtaining a mortgage. When the uk council of mortgage lenders and many others in the industry are making clear warnings about the impact of student debt on obtaining a mortgage , going as far to say it will possibly lock thousands if not more out of the housing market in the future , which you dismissed as "scaremongering" , i
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