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  1. The funniest occurrence of those annual forecast of extreme winters was, for me, in October 2015 when the usual "Britain will be hit by feet of snow in a few weeks that will persevere through the winter" line was followed by the 3rd warmest November on record followed by a December so warm that no other December has come within 1.5C of it! funny how that came out of the blue for the Exacta gang! I have a funny feeling about this winter. It seems to me as if there has been a lot more high pressure in the vicinity of the UK for a couple of years now, compared to the previous 10 years. If it stays around and all aligns in the right way, we could be in for a brilliant (by which I mean cold and snowy) winter. Mind you I had the same thoughts last winter and it didn't come off, though I thought that was the chance gone. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is a pattern that only signs off when it's given us a classic winter!
  2. I recall being stuck on a train home for a long time on one of the old door-slam types where there were compartments rather than carriages. I guess the reason must have been related to the amount of rain that had fallen. I even think I remember Cheshunt getting a mention on the news as being hit by four inches of rain in an hour. None of the 12 or so people in the compartment were talking at first but soon we all were discussing when we'd ever seen such rain before. Will never forget the beautiful girl that was sitting opposite me who I regrettably never saw again!
  3. My abiding memory of this winter is of a friday night when, with snow on the ground, I saw the weather forecast and was mortified to hear that snow turning to rain was expected overnight as weather from the Atlantic pushing over the country and a consequent rise in temperatures expected. Disappointed, I did the usual lamppost gazing to see the snow arriving and then, before going to bed, noticed it turning wetter and wetter accompanied by the dripping sound of the melting snow that had accumulated. I was convinced I was going to wake up the next morning and see no snow left whatsoever. In the morning I was woken by my brother telling me to take a look outside because I wouldn't believe it! It took me some time I can tell you because I was certain he was just winding me up. But when I did eventually look outside it was glorious! Probably the most snow that I had ever seen in my life at that time. I remember going for a long walk in it later and taking pictures, sadly long lost now, and marvelling at the amount of snow around me. It was the first time to my knowledge I became aware of important the "east v west" battle was in terms of snow and cold, and how one could never underestimate the ability of the cold from the east to fight back against a wannabee encroaching westerly regime!
  4. I got married in April 1997. I moved into a house two months previously and (without any prior consultation with me I might add!) the first thing the father-in-law to be did was lay a lawn in the back garden. Being a new lawn it would need regular watering, which I assumed would be done mostly naturally. However, my recollection is the damn lawn needed watering every day because we didn't get any rain for weeks on end! So when did this mini-drought end? You've guessed it, the day of the wedding! Fortunately the day was ok and it wasn't until we got to the reception that it started chucking it down! All in all I much prefer to remember the breaking up! I moved out in November 2010, saw Spurs come back from 2-0 down away to Arsenal to win 3-2 on my first day out of the house and then shortly afterwards experienced one of the best months of weather I will ever see in my lifetime
  5. I remember watching that game live on TV as I recall As for 1987, my memory of that period of just over a week was of a cold spell but without much snow. But that was north of the Thames. Where I worked in the City, my manager at the time could not get into work and barely could get out of his house. There was a stark contrast as I recall between north and south of the Thames, though I imagine eastern parts of Essex did ok. I remember it more as one of those frustrating times when (for me in Herts) we were nearly of the cusp of something magnificent, but ended up getting sod all in comparison!
  6. The week after looks worse than anything Lorenzo is chucking our way this week!
  7. Sticking to the forecast made in my three month CET forecast from a few weeks back.... 8.5c please....with 77mm precipitation
  8. There's a big question mark in that last map though Knocker.....
  9. I'm getting the sense this month will end up average and, if it does, it will put the year overall in pretty close alignment with 1734. That being the case I'm inclined to expect a chilly October, a slightly above average November and a slightly below average December. My provisional guesses would be Oct 8.5C Nov 6.4C Dec 3.8C
  10. Looking back at this, I may have been a bit harsh to completely discount it! Yes, it wasn't the most brilliant of forecasts but.... June did finish in the average spectrum as defined and in the lower part of it July did finish in the average spectrum as defined (though not in the lower part of it!) August finished up in the warmest ten percent of all Augusts. The good fine warm weather he had this year did, for the most part, fall withing the school holidays! The fact that they started with ten days of July still to go is probably what scuppered my July forecast!!
  11. In case anyone's been looking for me, I have gone back to the drawing board......
  12. I'm guessing, with its exceptionally warm end that June will come in slightly above, rather than slightly below, average, but more or less it performed to the expectations of this thread. July could be a different matter....but I'm about to put in my guess for the CET comp and will stick to my guns!
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