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  1. 12.3C and 55mm for me please
  2. Right....the models are within the reliable timeframe now for some serious warmth. I have to say not to my liking as the last thing I want on my waik to the station each morning is to feel too warm and sticky in my suit, followed by a warm train journey (They surely won't turn off the heating for another few weeks!) The time to buy a fan is now, before the rush comes! I wonder if we will see a return to colder arctic air after this week as some model runs have hinted at? Would remind me of early May 1997 where days of scorchers were soon followed by a bank holiday weekend which featured snow!
  3. As well as the infamous "your kids won't know snow" prediction which seemed reasonable for a few years until it was blown out of the water from the winters of 2008-09 onwards, I also remember lots of "Spring is arriving earlier and earlier" reports in the early years of the noughties. Having had an extremely cold start to March, the models are now showing us an immediate potential for a very cold middle march and some potential for a cold end to March. Considering this is all happening within five years of experiencing the coldest march for 50 years, i wonder if this will be another readjustment to the thinking of what the consequences of climate change will be?
  4. i saw exceptional snow in March 2013 that wasn't gone completely from the ground until the end of the second week in April
  5. Love this thread and your running commentary Knocker. Thank you your observations are much appreciated
  6. Hoping the models are pointing us in the direction of not so much a March 2013 but a March 1962, a harbinger of a winter to come!
  7. February brought an end to a run of 58 successive months with a CET greater than or equal to 4C. This equalled the previous record for such a run which the December of 1977 bought to an end
  8. Five winters have passed now since a month recorded a lower CET than March 2013, which was the coldest monthly CET of that year. This is new territory. Of the previous 9 times March was the coldest month of the year, on six occasions the following winter gave us a colder month, and on two occasions we had to wait until the second winter for a colder month. The longest run before our current one of 5 years "not out" was following the March of 1883 when it was not until 3 years later in February 1886 that a month recorded a lower CET.
  9. In my experience Frosty tends to comment on what the models are showing. Not so long ago they were showing it going on for another week at least. I really don't see the problem?
  10. Reading from afar in Austria where an enjoyable week's skiing has been tempered by the fact I've missed out on a memorable week of UK weather where more snow has fallen than I've seen. Keeping up on here with what was happening regarding the expected longevity, hoping I was going to see some of it on my return tomorrow, I was disappointed to read that the GFS at first was going it alone with spressing mild up from the south. Am I right in thinking now that for all the 'ignore it cos of its bias' posts, on this occasion at least it seems to have led the way?
  11. Interesting keeping track of the models for the UK from here in Austria where of all the weeks to be out of the UK Im away this week. Had very cold days and nights but forecast has been consistent for a long while now about the cold getting pushed away. Today max -16... Friday due to be 8C and rain Just to show cold air can be shunted away. Hope what is over UK prevails lo g enough for me to see....
  12. Some of the snowfall charts take me back to a time in the 70s in Herts when I was desperate for the flurries that we had for about a week to turn into something more significant, but they never did!
  13. In times of absolute despair at an outlook of depressingly mild Atlantic driven mush, I would often see a highly optimistic poster in denial put up a chart from a perb which showed there was still a possibility of Narnia A measure of where we are now is that the polar opposite of such a punter would have a real job to find a chart promoting the opposite perspective!