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  1. Certain music reminds me of specific times of year and obviously this connects to the weather...I'm sure you all make the same connections, and I though it might be interesting for us to post up the songs that reminded us of the current weather or fits with the current weather...it may not be an obvious connection to others but I'm sure an explanation along with your song would be interesting....here's mine for a late warm summer. It reminds me of the year that the ALbum was released and sitting out on my parents lawn as dusk came in with my friends listening to it being played from the ho
  2. I am hoping for a largely dry, warm and sunny Setpember which carries into October then as October fades, some real autumnal weather, frosty lots of leaves crisp underfoot, clear skies for the fireworks of course! After tha,t bring on the serious cold, with lots of snow and sub zero temperatures. Classic seasons weatherwise are the best, and we have had a classic summer so onwards!
  3. It was a great festival one of the best (I still rate 1992 as the best weather wise) thanks for all the forecast build ups Jackone, thanks to you I left my wellies and despite the bit of rain and mud on thursday, had no problems at all ! Looking forward to the build up for next year...by then I reckon you'll be a celebrity!!!
  4. Hang on in there jackone, you are providing a national service here...still a few of us who aren't leaving until Wednesday/thursday and so will be looking forward to your detailed predictions. It really has added to our Glasto experience coming in here and checking the weather.
  5. Yes, I agree. Perfect festival weather. 2010 was too hot, tent was unbearable at 7.00 am and walking anywhere was hard work, as it was in 2011 but for opposite reasons. THis forecast is sounding very similar to 2009. Rained a bit thursday and friday morning and then was a mix of sun and cloud but not too hot. If it stays as it is looking then should be a good one. Just praying that the 10.00 -midnight on saturday while the Stones are playing stays dry.
  6. Yep,...just watching the Glasto cam (how sad is that!) and it is indeed jaffa cakesing it down on the site...lots of dry ground to soak it up and wind to dry it. As Stu said thankfully it's not this weekend.
  7. We are going ealry Thursday morning, so it would be great if you could do them up to wednesday night. It's great that things are looking more positive and thankfully nothing like 2011. All you that are going have a great one!
  8. Thanks for the updates Jackone...still in the balance, but looking more favourable for the actual festival...we just need Somerset to miss some of the heavy showers next week and it could be pretty good. As duggyfresh says, in 2011 on the Friday there was very deep mud and lakes of rain, but Eavis has some fairly good drainage now and has the mud sucked up and bulldozed overnight. THe sun came out and it was a heatwave by Sunday and dry. Fingers crossed.
  9. THis is like one of those thriller films, lots of twists and turns and heavy expectation of the outcome. Hope tonight's episode is a good one! Really can;t face another mudfest after 2011 !
  10. So, warm clothes, cool clothes, waterproofs and wellies! Increased weight to haul through the Somerset countryside Still, it would appear that so far we aren't looking at a 2011 again. 2009 was about right conditions wise, bit of rain thursday and friday, then friday afternoon - sunday sunny with a few clouds. Mud dried up superfast and not too hot to wake up in a boiling hot nylon tent. Hoping tomorrow's forecasts show the Azores HP pushing its way north!
  11. Hi William I'm hoping without any good reason or information that things take a sudden change and we get a 2010 Glasto scenario (although if I'm honest, I moaned about it being too hot and sunny - couldn;t find any shade !) but, realistically, I will settle for what is currently being predicted and hope the Somerset soil can take the rain and drain off nicely in time for the 27th! Going to re-proof my goretex though just in case !
  12. Many thanks to those of you who are posting these predictions...it's becoming compulsive viewing. At the moment I'm praying the high pressure pushes up to the South West at least in time for the festival. It is worrying that there is likely to be a lot of rain in the run up as it doesn;t take Glastonbury long to become a mud bath. Eavis has much improved the drainage, but at the end of the day the whole festival is in a valley and with 150,000 people trudging around as well as all the various vehicles it could still be a mess even with good weather from the Friday. I altered my plans sligh
  13. I've been a 'lurker' on these forums for many years and find the whole place quite addicitive. I wonl;t confess I know half of what many of you discuss, but as time goes on I learn more. I've always had a big interest in the weather and as I'm attending Glastonbury this year (my 12th starting in 1979) and having endured a miserable one in 2011, I thought I;d follow this thread! Correct me if I've got this wrong but it seems as though at the moment it's pretty much in the balance for the Glasto weekend. I can live with that, anything other than the mud and rain we had in 2011. I'm espe
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