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  1. Just visible through the clouds from Evesham 🙂
  2. Think I may need to avoid this thread for a while given the number of ignorant childish rants about forecasts and warnings 😞 (my apologies if they were all made in jest, but that's certainly not how they come over) As a parting shot, we now have proper snow as opposed to a graupel blizzard in Evesham. And looks like lots more to come for some people through the day, but nothing at all for others - exactly as forecast
  3. To be fair, there's a line of (mostly grauple) showers running across the country from Rugby, through Stratford, Evesham and now into the Forest of Dean, exactly as forecasts predicted. Just a matter of whether you are lucky enough to be under one
  4. I don't think it's the BBC/MetO who have been ramping it 😉 It was never ever expected to be anything like 2018 - except on social media and in the tabloids.
  5. Well this is wierd and unexpected - we now have light snow in Evesham 😮 If we can get it, anyone can!
  6. Just had the tiniest sprinking of minature graupel - probably as much as we'll get here from this pathetic "Fluffy Pink Bunny" 🤣
  7. Was quite hopeful when the temp here dropped to 0.6c earlier this evening ....... in the past few minutes, as the precipiataion approaches, it has shot up to 2.1c and rising 😞
  8. Looks like precipitation will clear you before turning to snow - though you could possibly see a little - but Monday looking good atm
  9. Aye, though a chance of a light covering to lower levels too, depending on timing/intensity of precipitation as the cold air digs in
  10. Not dense, but been foggy down here all morning too btw I thought it ironic that as soon as a snow and ice warning was issued, the MetO not-a-forecast removed our snow symbols for tonight! Worth noting though, with regards Sunday onwards: models always struggle with snow showers. All apps are computer generated from raw model output. Ergo: apps are as useful this week as a chocolate teapot on a motorbike.
  11. Starting to turn to sleet in Evesham now. Not sure anything will settle even if we do get heavy snow later - had 13.5mm of rain this morning!
  12. Well the ground is definitely too wet here ..... ! Seriously, I am not expecting much if any snow. But am very worried about the effects of even more rain
  13. Aye, the MetO not-a-forecast is even showing a snow risk for down here, both Sat morning (but turning to rain) and more especially Sunday night .... Will not doubt change as the models waver, but if it's shown for lowly Evesham then it bodes well for higher ground further north.
  14. Yep, looks about right - everyone who got snow yesterday gets it again. Down here we just get rain ..... 😞
  15. We had around 1cm in town, and that had almost all melted by midday This first picture was the scene in my garden by mid afternoon yesterday. And a view of some of the fields on the edge of town this morning.
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