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  1. Essan

    Save our Christmas Songs

    You've not seen it sung as a duet by Andrew Lincoln and Marc Almond, whilst they are waltzing up a cathedral aisle That is something to behold. The Pogues version is very staid and boring and rubbish though, in comparison.
  2. Essan

    Report Climate change ipcc

    And even then I think it's not a case of will but could or, at most, likely - to which always the caveat needs adding "all else being equal". The problem is that the media pester (or else, misquote out of context) a scientist into admitting that "in theory it's possible something could happen by such-and-such a date", then issue a headline saying he has stated it will happen by that date, when the reality is he thinks it's highly unlikely (just not impossible). And when it doesn't happen, the public blame the scientist. Something we also see, of course, with routine weather stories.
  3. Yes, perfectly normal. Watch out for the rainbows though .....
  4. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    14mm in Evesham yesterday, making it the 2nd wettest day of the year (after 15mm on 25th May). Month's total now up to 19.1mm
  5. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Sorry, only just saw this Straight along the Severn Way - footpath east side of the river. Starting from The Old Rectifying House (pub) near the bridge after lunch (1pmish) - then to Upton tonight. Start tomorrow at the Swan pub, finishing at Glos Docks around 6pmish tomorrow Should be a fairly large group both days, plus we have some kayakers accompanying us tomorrow!
  6. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Some of your may have heard of Martyn Wells from UKweatherworld. He is a stage 4 cancer patient who had his whole stomach removed in March. He is currently walking the Severn Way to raise funds for MacMillan Nurses, Today he did 33 miles ...... He should be on local TV doing the weather forecast with Shefali tomorrow I will be joining him in Worcs on Friday to walk down to Glos. the most amazing person it has been my privilege to know! www,severnway2018,com
  7. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Well after all that, just had a massive 8.3mm from the cold front ...... totally unexpected, but very welcome indeed!
  8. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Sadly I was wrong (here anyway) - just 1mm today from patchy drizzle. At least the washing is drying nicely in the breeze My month's total is now up to 9mm, most of which fell in yesterday's thunderstorm. And it looks like that's it for a couple more weeks at least .... Means I am still in partial drought (ave of no more than 0.25mm/day) from the start of June.
  9. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    "Apps" should never be relied upon in showery conditions - no model can ever predict exactly where a shower will fall. They should only be interpreted as a likelihood of showers "in the vicinity" which may or may not fall on your location Should see some decent frontal rain tomorrow though
  10. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Had a good thunderstorm in Evesham about 3.30pm - first thunder I have heard since April! If models are right, tomorrow may match my wettest day of the year so far!
  11. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Managed a whole 1mm of rain in Evesham - enough to break the 25 day absolute drought but not making much inroads on the summer deficit! Though a slight chance we may get another wee bit from the stuff currently over west Glos of it maintains its trajectory and doesn't dissipate first ....
  12. Today is Day 20 of absolute drought in Evesham - the longest such spell since I started using my current WS in May 2011.
  13. Essan

    Links to Reports and Papers

    I do think polar bears are just a distraction: extremists on one side say they are all dying out due to global warming, those on the other side say it's all lies and they are all fine; the reality is more likely that some populations are suffering as a result of climate change in the Arctic and others are not. And the long term prognosis is unknown, other than that migration to different feeding grounds becomes problematic cos pesky humans are in the way. Edit: however I don't have any report or paper to support that contention. And unlike some people, I may be entirely wrong.
  14. Essan

    Links to Reports and Papers

    Unfortunately - as I am sure you know - agenda-driven blogs are much like the Daily Mail: It's not what they tell you that's important, it's what they don't tell you ....
  15. Essan

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just had a small thunderstorm pass by Evesham, heading east Possibly some C-G lightning as there was a power dip just before the first thunder.