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  1. Flu prospects this winter

    Well I am currently suffering from super-mega-deadly-bird-pig-reverse-cold* ....... Much to the annoyance of my housemate! It's so severe I have had to open a bottle of scotch Last time I had flu was 1998 * normally I get a bad cough at the end of a cold, this one started with a severe cough and no other symptoms ...... thankfully the cough has now eased and the cold peaked. Should be fine by the weekend
  2. It is. But with the meto suggesting temps of 7c when it comes through here, I am expecting nothing but rain. Though as usual it will probably amount to very little here anyway
  3. Who hyped it and why did you believe them? Been much as expected here
  4. Had some very light snow this evening in Evesham - enough to dampen the pavements so maybe an ice risk in the morning. But I think thats it for this week. Still, that's 3 months running I have seen snow! Can't remember when that last happened .....
  5. a handful of small flakes drifting slowly to the ground in Evesham - should get a slight dusting if this keeps up all year
  6. Wasn't one of the reasons the MetO lost the contract because they were unable (or unwilling?) to produce an App to meet with the BBC's requirments. Makes me wonder whether this was it? The BBC wanted a 14 day hourly "not-a-forecast" (to compete with some of those "budget" wx sites?) and the MetO said 7 days was the most they were willing to do? Just a thought.
  7. Fantasy Winter

    Bright and sunny every morning day, with light winds, after an overnight min of -10c. Max temp of +6c, just prior to a 3 hour thunderstorm, clearing to a spectacular sunset. Overnight snowfall once a week. And that's also my fantasy spring, summer and autumn Think I might need to move to another planet!
  8. Just rain here now. At least I got to see a few flakes ....
  9. Sleet here a little while ago when I went out for a smoke - think that's all we'll get though
  10. Mild* and damp in Evesham with not a snowflake to be seen ...... we had our once-every-5-years snow last month * well, feels mild - certainly not cold enough for snow!
  11. Because there's less disappointment when those of us further south and lower down get nowt
  12. Unless, like me, you live 3 miles south of the amber warning area at a height of just 35m asl and you just know that you're in a for a repeat of the awful slushfest spectacular of March 2013 ..... (when it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed, from dawn to dusk without a break. And when it finally stopped, there was 1cm of slush in my garden (and a lot of wet mud) .... )
  13. Just had some grauple to start my account off with - doesn't look like being long before I get a proper snow deposit bhtw expect the size and direction of the streamer to change through the day - and remember showers are expected through tonight too. So if you've not seen anything yet, doesn't mean you will miss out. As for Sunday ..... don't plan a BBQ!
  14. Note which part of the W Midlands isn't in the warning area ....... However, I take solace from the fact the the first time in reocrded history the MetO's own not-a-forecast has snow symbols showing for Evesham right through from from 05z to 20z tomorrow - so I might still get a wee flurry or two ......
  15. I must leave! I have a thundery storm!