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  1. Arizona had snow end of May https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/27/us/arizona-snow-at-grand-canyon-wxc-trnd/index.html
  2. Well Matt, down here we need another 100mm by the end of June to get up to our normal average.for half a year (~300mm) And after a dry 2018, we could probably do with a bit more on top. So stop hogging it all and send some south
  3. Essan


    Need? At lot less than most of us have. But the problem isn't that some people are obscenely rich, it's that this is even an issue. Why should anyone care what someone else has? Other than that in some cases they may need psychiatric help for their money addiction
  4. Essan


    Well actually, it would appear that the Stone Age is when we were all united ...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-47554926
  5. The biggest problem is that few people actually read the warnings. Instead, they pick up on what the media tell them (by definition, guarannteed to be inaccurate if not and out and out lie) or just assume - for example - that because they live in Birminghams and there's a warning for the Midlands, then there is a warning for their back garden (in fact, the warning applies only to the Peak District) ...... And even fewer understand them. They could try just issuing warnings to authorities, rescue services etc and others who actually know what they mean. But then, as we see with the health warnings issued on behalf of the NHS when there's hot/cold weather, they still get picked up by the media/public and are entirely misunderstood ..... Until the Met Office are able to issue the back garden specific forecasts that the majority of people seem to think they are already issuing, they really are on a hiding to nothing.
  6. I know in winter 81/82 I had to walk across the fields to get to the nearest village from whence we caught the bus to school each day, because the mile long lane to where we lived on the Essex coast was blacked by snowdrifts. These days the school would have been closed for 2 months so we wouldn't have had to! Only time snowdrifts have blocked me in. Mind, apart from last March (which, as I was in bed with 'flu, I have only vague recollection of actually happening) I haven't even seen a proper snowdrift since I left Suffolk in the early 1990s and moved to Glos and then Worcs.
  7. Stop boasting! Two and one here (leading to a 0.5cm cover). And this has been a good winter! Edit: obviously I am not in Brum, and Brum does normally get a lot more snow than down here.
  8. About 0.5cm in Evesham - just a wee covering to make it all look nice without causing any disruption. Exactly per local forecast
  9. I had a guy on the local Facebook weather group been insisting for the past 2 days that its only going to be rain here because that's what his weather station was predicting! That said, so far we have nothing at all in Evesham
  10. Because of the risk of snow during the evening rush hour - all about impact.
  11. Same way that the day before a cold spell or heatwave starts they start moaning about how quickly it will end!
  12. If I get one single snow flake tonight, then it will have been!
  13. This winter, if it was rain I still wouldn't guarantee it getting here! Been the driest January in my records with less than half the amount of any previous January.
  14. The reason for teh amber warning is timing more than anything - the evening rush hour should be over by the time any snow reaches the Midlands Meanwhile, the not-a-forecast for Evesham at 20z has upgraded from light snow with a 60% probability of precipitation, to heavy snow and 80%
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