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  1. I must leave! I have a thundery storm!
  2. Finally! The first thunderstorm of 2017 has arrived!
  3. Don't worry, I'm still here too Last rumble here was Sept 2016, and that was unusual cos I don't normally get any thunder after the end of July ......
  4. I'm always hoping against hope that that big train of showers is going to hit ...... Doesn't matter what it is, it almost always misses!
  5. medieval riddles.... cryptic clues

    The climate must have been different when the last one was written - who ever heard of a thin covering of wet, slushy, mushy, snow being blown by the wind?! :o
  6. medieval riddles.... cryptic clues

    Bilbo Baggins was a scholar of medieval literature and knew the second, as well as a shorter variation of the first (so did Gollum). Not sure on the 3rd though. (Tolkien didnt make up his riddles in the dark) I think they date back to Anglo Saxon times?
  7. And on a seperate note, it also remains extremely dry - just 12mm this month and a little over 200mm for the year
  8. There hasnt be a worse year here in the past 4.6 billion years! (You cant get worse than absolutely nothing at all - not even the merest hint of a distant rumble or flash)
  9. I've never known a GFS temp chart to verify even at +3 hours ..... But given there has only been one day here with below average maxima so far this month, I think it would actually make for quite a nice change Afrter all, we can't expect it to be warmer than average every day! (I appreciate that in some other parts of the country it's been a very different summer)
  10. Brds singing and daylight dont affect me in summer. The reason I dont sleep welll is because its stupidly hot ...... Mind, its not much different in "winter" these days
  11. Not this part of the Midlands - I am fully expecting my 2017 TS drought to continue.
  12. I don't recall ever going this late in the year before hearing thunder either. A few recent years when none has been heard in the 2nd half of the year though .....
  13. What ever happened to ?

    Coast is alive and well on UKweatherworld
  14. Still here and likely to remain so for some time by the looks of things .....
  15. Nothing here yet this year ...... not even a distant faint rumble. I am hoping that will change tonight!