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  1. Whilst this is an interesting story, the device remains to be tested in a vacuum and microgravity let alone understood. Other experiments which seemed to violate conventional laws of physics (cold fusion, faster than light neutrinos etc.), have since proven to be in error. The NASA scientists have not jumped the gun and stated 'it works' but have cautiously suggested further experimentation is necessary - evidently having learned from the mistakes of others. If it is proven to work, then a new chapter of science and possibly the next evolutionary state of humans may have just opened up. I will wait for confirmation but something tells me that the wait should be tempered with a healthy dose of caution.
  2. End game for Putin: 1) UN writes a letter telling Putin how angry they are with him; 2) Crimea annexed with Sevestopol and Black Sea strategic interests and fleet secure under Russian control; 3) Ukraine goes to referendum and votes in favour of pro-Russian government; 4) Putin tightens grip at home in both Russian patriotism and his own popularity as a macho leader; 5) Nato and UN security council exposed as powerless and ineffective and causes crisis of confidence; 6) Message sent to potential break-away states not to mess with Putin; 7) Stability regained; Business as usual.
  3. A desk, one swivel chair, seperate round table with six chairs. A PC and a laptop, glass bookcase with a lot of books- mostly technical reference, management theory and guides for dummies and project memorabilia presented by various colleagues and clients. Coat/umberella stand. Two four drawer filing cabinets, one two drawer under desk, telephone, conference call pod, whiteboard with integrated printer, OH projector, laser printer/combined scanner, flip chart, framed photographs of projects I've worked on and colleagues I've worked with. Framed picture of my family on my desk.
  4. "Women, for pity's sake, KNOW YOUR LIMITS!" To what news item today, does this comment refer?

  5. Women. For pity's sake, know your limits!

  6. Has anyone seen the new 'aplologetic' Tesco's adverts and poems on TV? The media guru's are raving about them. Personally I think they are flogging a dead horse.

  7. Bambi's days are numbered.

  8. And did we tell you the name of the game boy? We call it riding the Gravy Train. (For Justin Bieber fans everywhere)

  9. Vote for the Send Cameron and Clegg to Mars Party.

    1. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Is this in time for the possible comet impact in October 2014?

    2. full_frontal_occlusion


      The search is on for the ideal couple, thought that they fitted the bill!

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Heard about that, think you're right too! also thought it was slightly amusing how I had read about a small chance of a comet smashing into Mars next year and then saw them looking for a couple to go to Mars.

  10. Doctors in the North Korean capital city, Pyongyang, are worried about the health of their dear leader Kim Jung-il saying he was feeling particularly 'ronery' after Valentines day. They have administered a diet of Fritz Knipschildt chocolate and Dom Perignon 'White Gold' champagne to help the medicine go down.

  11. Alternative Valentines Day poem: Roses are red, violets are blue, you kinda got fat, so I'm dumping you.

  12. Fed-Ex will soon deliver a letter to Kim Jong-Un telling him how very, very, angry the collective conscience of the UN is.

    1. cerneman


      Slap on wrist,

    2. full_frontal_occlusion


      Where's Hans when we need him?

  13. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

    1. Dorsetbred


      Neigh lad surely not

  14. A banker, a Daily Mail reader, a benefit claimant and a tax inspector sit down at a table to share 100 biscuits. The banker takes 98 biscuits for himself but reluctantly hands over 2 biscuits to the tax inspector, then says to the Daily Mail reader “Watch out for that benefit claimant – he wants your biscuit.â€

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    2. frogesque


      I think it's wrong, The bank would use leverage, charge interest on 200 biscuits, the Mail reader would invest in the 100 phantom biscuits and get 3 real bicuits back and the banker would then clawback 196 biscuits. The claimnant would be reffered to 10 other departments before being refused and having to payback the cost of a cup of tea and the taxman, as always takes the remaining biscuit

    3. La Bise
    4. shuggee


      Oh so much truth in such an innocent paragraph.

  15. One can always tell whether snow is on the horizon simply by looking at the number of sequential Gibby posts with no other comments in the detailed model thread! (no offence intended Gibby, I always read your very good and well written summaries.

  16. Has the fight against terrorism become the new excuse for political interference and military intervention as an adjunct to securing economic advantage in a continent rapidly being acquired by China? The new economic cold war? Just a thought. ffO.
  17. That south eastern tip of Greenland is in for one hell of a bashing.

  18. A tad more than the 8cm prodicted on the METO weather warnings page methinks.

  19. Asking Alexandria beckons this evening.

  20. I don't like to brag but there are at least 6" ready for play here, but no-one seems to want to use it as a rule.

    1. A.J



  21. Advice for the model threads: Today is the first day of the rest of winter. Look to the future - rain dances and an early bbq will help.

    1. azores92


      it doesnt matter to me hugely for the coming day when the weather is this great, not gonna lie!

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