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  1. Well we come upon the same charts every year giving out the same differing responses, so we're probably no closer to knowing what the outcome is this summer... however as pessimistic as it sounds, with the last few summers, I've learnt that you should expect the worst and salvage what positivity you can out of the situation. I therefore, until we get a decent string of average summers, expect a cool wet summer in general. Not very scientific, but as of yet, not being proved wrong, as the pattern of dry Springs and presumably cool, wet summers is set to continue.. as there is no real evidence as yet pointing to the contrary. (if something hasn't changed then why change an opinion on it?_


    id like, really like, to say 'your wrong!', but i think your exactly right there. Expect the worst overall and make the most of the decent few days we get in a cool-wet-and probably windy summer ahead. Looking back over recent years, the best change of settled conditions seem to be appearing through spring - and sometimes, just sometimes, very late in the summer or very early in autumn (late sept - early oct). Having said that, i hope were both way off the mark and we have a 2003 style summer!

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