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  1. January by Pilot - although I found it quite uplifting as the days get longer!
  2. Oh I love those gorgeous early sunny mornings, when the birds are singing and there is a wonderful smell on the air - of summer!
  3. I agree - but at least we will have turned the corner into better days (hopefully!). I always think mid-February is when I really start to notice the extra daylight.
  4. Just another 11 minutes to lose in the afternoon for us, but a whole 35 in the morning! 22 days to go to the Shortest Day!
  5. Please, any weather but this relentless howling wind! I hate it. Bring on some crisp, frosty mornings with blue skies.
  6. Yes, the dark mornings in particular are just dire! I hate getting up in the dark. On the other hand, I just love spring/summer mornings when it gets light early and all the birds are singing and happy. I never pull my curtains either so I get maximum light in my bedroom. The only way I find to cope is a countdown to the shortest day, and after that it gets better every single day!
  7. Oh I hate the darkness. In the winter I don't mind the dark evenings so much when it's frosty and you can get a good fire going, but the mornings are absolutely horrible. I hate waking up in the dark, getting dressed in the dark, eating breakfast in the dark and going out in the dark! I love spring and summer when it gets light at 4.30 and the birds are singing with happiness.
  8. Summer Breeze by the Isley Brothers On the Beach by Chris Rea Albatross by Fleetwood Mac All very melancholy feeling!
  9. I too heard the Robin's autumn song for the first time yesterday. I always think it is very melancholy compared with their uplifting spring song.
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