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  1. Some quite dry and warm Summery weather looks likely over the next 10 days quite widely. A look at the 5 and 10 day ECM mean 500hPa charts shows the jet shifting well north as the Azores high extends across the UK. The London ens. Looking particularly good rising temps,light winds and virtually dry for the the period.Very nice!
  2. This is not the Climate thread, let's keep to current model outputs please. Thanks.
  3. A nice little taste of Summer in the coming week especially Wed/Sat. Ens graph for Warks showing possible 21C on a couple of days and i am sure some favoured locations will peak higher than that. Of course knowing our climate and given that it is only April it's odds on that a change is usually waiting in the wings.Signs from the gefs and ecm of at least a partial breakdown looks likely after next week end as some energy from upstream sneaks through the Azores ridge early in week 2. Still a nice few days to look forward too in the meantime.
  4. Time for a new thread methinks. This one now locked-new one here
  5. Well we are around the halfway point of the Spring season and it seems a good time to start a new thread to continue discussions. A look at the 00z ECM day 4 charts shows that finally some widespread warmth is on the way after the cold,damp and often cloudy conditions of recent weeks. A developing Euro high and a stalling Atlantic trough pushing the jet stream further north and bringing the winds from a warmer south/south westerly direction. A welcome change of pattern for most of us i would think. Ok please continue
  6. Quite a chilly day tomorrow for many. Cloud and rain moving across e.anglia,midlands and wales suppressing readings and with a cool easterly wind blowing off the N.Sea where temperatures are around 5c. The east coast will feel particularly raw from around the wash northwards.As a general comment this is often the case with Spring easterlies and anywhere from say the Aberdeen coast down to the Wash can be affected in these setups often with mizzle,low cloud and single figure temperatures. The situation tomorrow mid-day with the fax,expected temperatures and wind flow direction and mean speeds. In contrast some warmth again creeping into the south east segment under brighter skies also where the wind is lighter.So we could see quite a difference in temperature within a short distances around E.Anglia for example.
  7. Yes Crewe that would be quite a notable upper pool of cold air coming south within that Scandi trough. The 500hPa temperature modeled on this run- lower than -40c for a time- puts it in polar low territory.Snowfall quite possible down to low levels even at that time of year as shown on the precipitation chart. The Arctic air mass would be likely to experience some modification during it's southern track but the far north, particularly the N Isles certainly at risk on that,if it were to come about. Purely for interest at this stage of course.
  8. Could some sun and warmth finally be on offer next week?I hope so after these last few weeks of an incessant run of wet and often chilly days with very little break around these parts. Looking at the mean charts at day 10 there is some reason to be cheerfull A building ScEuro high deflecting the jet north and hopefully some warmer air wafting up from the Med/S.Europe on a nice south/south easterly.
  9. phil nw.

    GOLF ( U.S.Masters, Fantasy Competitiom )

    Thanks Tom for running the comp.,a close finish indeed and congratulations to Kirkcaldy Weather for your win!
  10. phil nw.

    GOLF ( U.S.Masters, Fantasy Competitiom )

    Thanks for your updates Tom. Yes coming into the final round no real surprises with the many of the expected players near the top. Speith and Rose both struggled with putting in R3 though so those 2 picks of mine have somewhat disappointed so far.Reed has exceeded my expectations so far though with Rory still well in it so happy with those 2. It's going to be a good watch this evening.Remember BBC2 has it if you haven't access to Sky.
  11. Yes some warmth coming in over the next few days as the main part of the jet eases north.The warmer uppers and a stronger sun having their effect but it is also looking showery for many. The UK and W Europe though still under the influence of an upper trough with plenty of showers and areas of rain showing up over the coming week, Those images above are just some from the GFS 18z run but they look typical for many in the coming days.Pretty standard April weather i would say.
  12. The far north still clinging on to colder air for a few more days but by the weekend signs of something warmer from the south as finally the flow veers from the continent. The effects of euro ridging and the upper trough just to our west. The Gefs charts show the warmup comparing days 2-4 and then 5-7 With the path of the Atlantic systems still tracking a way south though we are still looking at further changeable weather with rain or showers moving east from time to time but as others have commented certainly feeling somewhat warmer than recent weeks- at last. Short term Thursday looks about the best for outdoors this week as a weak transient ridge moves across before the next set of fronts approach the west during Friday It seems NW Europe and in particularly the UK is a magnet for the track of the lows into next week. ECM mean chart day 8 So we continue to wait for signs of the first settled and warm spell this Spring and in the meantime it looks like the best we can expect is the odd drier brighter day between those Atlantic systems.
  13. A few posts have been hidden. Please be friendly to each other when disagreeing. There is no need to dwell on opposing views,just add your comments politely maybe with a chart or some other data to make your points? Remember this is a hobby we all share so let's get on, Ta.
  14. phil nw.

    GOLF ( U.S.Masters, Fantasy Competitiom )

    Just had to comment here Tom as related. What a gutsy performance by Ian Poulter to come through from T123rd in round 1 to win after a playoff in yesterday's PGA event Houston Texas thus qualifying him for the final Masters spot! Typical of the man who has shown these fighting qualities in the past eg-Ryder cup comeback in Medina. He may not be the greatest golfer but my what a character.
  15. Yes it's certainly been a longer period of cold interest than usual for sure Nick. We had been waiting for a decent Winter easterly for sometime and hey presto-2 turn up quite late in the season and,as you commented,both quite notable too for depth of cold considering the time of year. Meanwhile to the here and now and the UKMO shows Winter is still trying to cling on in the far north in the next few days T96hrs Slowly though as later frames are showing signs that some warmth at last looks to be easing northwards next weekend as those sub-tropical highs start to ridge north. The UK still under some influence from the upper trough though so it looks like a more typical April showers type of weather with some warm sun in between.It will feel quite different after such a prolonged colder period.