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  1. Ballance has had more chances than most.Like many who have made the step up recently i don't believe he has done enough to establish himself. It seems runs at county level do not often translate into consistent scoring at Test level these days.Where are the Cowdreys,Dexters,Barringtons etc of today or has the standard of 4 day Cricket fallen over the years? Many questions. I guess it's easier to say who should be dropped than who to bring in?
  2. A number of off topic posts have been hidden. Members again are reminded this thread is to moan or ramp about the charts and the related weather,not about other posters. If a few of you wish to exchange such views please confine personal comments to PM or other more private means. Thanks all.
  3. The ODI mindset i think is affecting our Test performances.We just need to reign back a bit when facing a test attack,especially when we lose a couple of quick wickets-that's the time to dig in. We do need a couple of changes at the top of the order but the middle order down to number 7 has the quality.they have proved that many times recently.They have not become bad players overnight.
  4. A couple of posts have been removed for being off topic. Please use the other threads for general chat. Model output discussion only in here please, ta.:-)
  5. What a tense finish.I kept flicking between the Golf and the Cricket.Well done ladies!
  6. Unfortunately as we enter the main holiday period there is no sign yet of anything other than brief settled interludes between the Atlantic systems. The UK fax for Tuesday shows one of those as a weak ridge moves across after the current slow moving low finally exits east. We can see though how we lack any influence from the Azores high as modeling continues to show those eastern Atlantic -ve 500 hPa height anomalies. A look at the ECM 500hPa mean anomaly charts underlines this,these are days 5 and 10 So it's a case of the odd fine day or 2 interspersed with more unsettled spells of rain and showers as the Atlantic jet continues to run across our latitude.Temperatures in this setup will naturally be somewhat disappointing.
  7. A number of posts with no model discussion have been hidden.General chat wrt previous Summers or preferences please discuss in the relevant threads. Thanks all.
  8. Remember guys there is a thread for Met O. outlook discussions.let's keep to our own views of the models in here,ta.
  9. It seems the ODI batting mentality has carried over into the tests.This time we needed patience and the intention to build an innings with 2 whole days to go. Our batting looks pretty good against the white ball now but the same players today were found out partly because they did not show that determination to try and hang around.The bowling was accurate and with few bad deliveries many of our wickets were sold cheaply. Gary Balance now should be dropped as he has had more chances than many but many of our line up are established international level batsman and have not become bad players overnight.They just need a more measured approach at test level and play according to the game situation.
  10. So we did,t even get to 150! Well bowled SA.We have some batting issues for sure.
  11. Well that went well didn't it?A 150 looks iffy now! Fair play to the SA bowlers though,they bowled full and straight with a little movement,mixed in with the odd shorter delivery..Both Balance and Jennings now under pressure to keep their places.We can't seem to find a number 2 or 3 that can cement their test place.A real problem at the top of the order.
  12. A good a time as any i guess for our top 3 to all contribute and not leave it all to the middle order. Odds very much on a SA win of course but it would be something if we could see us score something near the target and not implode for around 150.
  13. It will be interesting to see the T96/120 UK fax charts issued later this evening. Looking specifically at next Thursday the one issued from yesterday's 12z run and compared to today's 12z raw chart and it can be seen the UKMO view remains the same wrt that Icelandic cut off low heading towards W.Scotland. It doesn't happen too often but the fax could get adjusted but it would be a bit of a surprise in this case when comparing the ECM with GFS/UKMO at T96hrs. Notable that the difference is so close in time with the way ECM throws up a weak ridge ahead of the low which keeps it further north.
  14. Unfortunately a number of off topic posts have had to be hidden. Please confine content to model discussions in this thread. There are a number of other threads for more general weather chat,thanks all.
  15. Nationwide we are still not looking at any prolonged settled spells,more like shorter warm and dry interludes as the Azores high continues to throw transient ridges across the UK before another frontal system moves in. This looks like the case over the next week or so.A transient high cell moving across early next week gives many of us a couple of fine and warm days before it breaks down mid week as a low moves up from the south. The heat drawn north from southern Europe ahead of it could well spark of some thundery outbreaks as already mentioned by others in their posts.The fax's showing the expected situation alongside a chart for the 850's underlining the position of the air mass boundaries. Overall the models continue to show the influence of the Canadian upper trough during next week as Atlantic lows continue to suppress any long lasting ridging from the Azores high. Day 5 for example from the UK model and then a European view of the ECM mean at day 7. A fairly typical outlook for the UK really not too bad at times with some quite warm and fine days interspersed with those Atlantic incursions from time to time.The best weather as ever in this pattern often found the further south and east you are.