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  1. May 2021 has been colder than average with a lot of rain for some parts of the UK. A low pressure heading in for the end of the week could bring gales. Read more here
  2. Over 50mm of rain for parts of Devon in past day from the lingering low Thunderstorms breaking out for western Britain and again nudging northwards
  3. Little change by this weekend with further heavy showers. There will be some warm sunshine in between but temperatures remain in the teens with more of a breeze. Still cool for sitting out. Read more here
  4. What is the best thing to do if you are caught in a thunderstorm, in the park, on a ramble, playing golf or at the beach? Predicting lightning and where is safe? Read more here
  5. upgraded to a major hurricane https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/data/tcr/AL282020_Zeta.pdf cat 3
  6. A rash of heavy showers breaking out by lunchtime with lightning strikes showing over northern England, West Midlands, Co. Down. SE Scotland, Lincolnshire
  7. Tropical Storm Andres starting the eastern Pacific hurricane season
  8. The northerly flow pleasing the local surfers this week in East Lothian. Hail showers moving by, the Forth to North Sea
  9. Voting takes place on May 6th across Britain with Scottish and Welsh parliamentary elections, Mayoral and local councils including for London Mayor. If you've not postal voted, what's the weather for Thursday? Read more here
  10. As we try to warm up and dry out from the early Bank Holiday Monday, surely May could do better? Read more here
  11. I can only see "coldest early May bank holiday" coming from BBC weather but no detail. The express mention the -5.9C overnight but nothing from Met Office
  12. We didn't have ours until June, but even then it was still cold standing about with a wind off the Trent in a thin cotton blouse. Thank goodness for current warm Hoodies (and optional Gilet for Remembrance parade in snow/icy rain). Early May Bank holiday Monday 2021 -5.9C Kinbrace overnight, +14C London and Shoeburyness by day,. Jersey +15.3C but many places only 9-11C. Yellow wind warning over southern Britain Plenty of rain Capel Curig 50.8mm and a gust of 76mph. Dumfries & Galloway 48mm , Strathclyde 38.4mm, Murlough NI 34.8mm and Kielder 25.8mm. Ruined any outdoor plans for
  13. A look back at April 2021 which has been colder than average particularly overnight with many frosts. It has been very dry and also sunny as high pressure kept the UK weather steady. Read more here
  14. It's all on hold at the moment , like so many things. World travel is not happening.
  15. Storm chasing in the US is quite an experience. Jo Farrow joined the Weather Holidays tour which included Canada to hunt for tornadoes, lightning, hail and supercells. Read more here
  16. It's the May Day weekend and with movement allowed, plans are being made. The weather is mixed and could go downhill by Monday. Put on your sunscreen and keep a coat to hand. Read more here
  17. A look at the weather over the bank holiday weekend around the coastal regions of the UK. Read more here
  18. any other ideas for threads? we've had photo gallery mentioned, big events such as BftE or high impact storms, to allow finding those more easily. Would some kind of temperature/rainfall extremes / climate figures thread be worthwhile? More can always be added but for the trial...
  19. More dry, fine weather to come this weekend but temperatures still in the teens. Warm enough for sheltered sunny areas but still nippy in the breeze off the North Sea or along the south coast. Read more here
  20. Pollen from trees and grasses reaching you relies on the breeze. The weather will affect the pollen count each day and the forecast could help you plan if you are a hayfever sufferer. Read more here
  21. Now 14 hurricanes in the memorable 2020 season. Gamma has been upgraded https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/data/tcr/AL252020_Gamma.pdf
  22. As England takes another step in lockdown easing next week the cold flow also eases. Not back to the warmth of late March but not as cold and high pressure should bring fair weather. Read more here
  23. Scouts and Guides have had many weather badges over the years, such as the Meteorologist Activity Badge. Have a go in lockdown, as you record two weeks of weather observations. Read more here
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