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  1. Morning all, Have the information packs been sent out yet?
  2. It can all kick off on the 10th. This could have been part of the same prediction from earlier this month that was looking at the 5th-10th being active. I thought to myself then, hold on a couple of days.
  3. Looking forward to it.
  4. [email protected] I think they only do picks ups from dfw or within a two miles radius for other locations such as the TRE.
  5. Thanks for that. I've also had a reply from the hotel. I found their email address but it took some looking.
  6. Thanks for that. It makes sense or else they'd be paying a toll every time they made an airport run.
  7. As most of us will be using DFW to arrive ( there's always one ,BSC!) where do we go to get the Hotel shuttle for the Best Western? I can't see anything on the DFW website , just a transfer to the car rental pickup. Is this where we have to get to to collect the hotel shuttle? If no one has an idea I'll have to trawl BW to find an email address Thanks MCA
  8. Arriving Friday 5th. Going to spend a couple of days doing the tourist bit. AT&T stadium, 6th Floor, Dealey Plaza, Reunion Tower, 6 Flags ,maybe, The Star at Frisco, Fort Worth , Billy Bobs Texas on the Saturday sounds like fun ,Steppenwolf are playing. "Born to be slightly boisterous "
  9. I would have been watching but was at work for 530 this morning. A great loss but an avoidable one. Many reports speak of a failure to stop. Again ,thoughts to family and friends
  10. It was Kelly Williamson and his chase buddy Randy Yarnall and Corbin Jaeger. I was a fan of the first two, had watched a couple of live streams of theirs on YouTube. Terribly sad for the family and friends and the Chasing community. A stark reminder of the dangers not just from the storms. Rest in Peace
  11. On Kelly Williansons stream a full rig was blown over on the 354 heading east to the 87. Crazy.
  12. I'm watching Kelly Williamson on YouTube. Pretty decent feed. He's just been hit by dust storm. 60+ mph winds
  13. Yep. Nothing 100%, won't get my hopes up but will be hoping for a decent start to 2017
  14. First big day of the season on the Plains is being looked at for Friday 24th. Will be keeping an eye on this one.
  15. The Aspen Creek has some excellent reviews on google. Not fussy really, as long as there's a couple of cold frosty ones available.